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This!! Funny enough, I too looked up the past of Rift and they did very well with the launch as well as over exceeding millions from the player base. Crazy, really. I bet money that if this game were to be launched before 2011 it would be doing very well still. I think unfortunately it has to do with timing too. I will always see this game as the best of games because it attributes to both WoW and EQ in a very diverse way that they are unable to offer their fans, where Rift shines beyond them. I too hope the team works together and finds their "key" devs. Why does it seem like the gaming industry is like a revolving door with programmers? I mean I feel like its the same as retail or factory work? I don't understand it really.

I am here to support this game until the very last shard of hope because this game is superior in many ways to what has been done and also what is coming out. If this game launched just a few years before, I know it would be doing just as well as others back in the day.
With the quantity/quality of current content, one has to wonder about the future, if there will be a future. It seems that a major investment needs to take place and personnel expansion to make a bonafide expansion. Going back to sub 2 play and ditching paywalls would get it going on.

Think about it, an expansion on the scale of Storm Legion! Yup, I am a firm believer in sub 2 play for a reason... WoW is still going after more than a decade and has never been F2P, ever! Has WoW seen a microscopic expansion like we have? Is is based on paywalls, and if so do they include zone play in their paywall system?

Where are these items in Rift?

1. 20 man raids
2. PvP
3. CQ

These had been an integral component since 2011 to NT...

Can we ditch the following?

1. IRC's
2. Intrepid content (AKA Adam 12 repeats...)

Yus, it takes effort to make a great expac. Yus, the community expects a respectably sized expac. Trion set the bar with SL, not the community. Frankly, the community responded very well to SL.

Honestly, the dev team needs desperately to create a conceptual of a massive expac along with a sketch of the continent(s) and states within. A list of the dungeons, PvP maps CQ's IA's, raids etc. There shall be a dungeon based on the land in each state. Obviously missing shall be anything "Intrepid". Needed is a forecast of active player expected to keep this alive! Needed is the number of peeps on the dev team to build and maintain this behemoth that would likely annihilate the "Active Player Crisis" handily! Yus, it requires a mass email campaign and advertising campaign to bring forth news of what's to come!

Now they need to create a presentation to perform in front of the stakeholders in order to seek the budget to make it happen. This will be significant however, so was the number achieved a year after initial release... Just sayin!