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Thread: Respawn or Rez...

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    Default Respawn or Rez...

    Let's say I die in a Dungeon situation.
    Do I wait for a rez or respawn.
    Respawn is negative for me since you are placed at the beginning, not worth the bother of trying to get back to the group. It's usually a very long path...
    Yet too often you don't get a rez offer and I am stuck excluded from the others and event...
    Thanx in advance for advice/insight...

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    Wait for the res if no one rezzes you say something about it. Just like golf, it's proper etiquette to res your group.

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    Depends entirely on the situation. In open world or an IA waiting for someone to rez you is pointless, it's faster to get back on your own.
    In a dungeon, as a healer, I would hold off to rez a person if they're not doing enough dps to make a difference (obviously, if they're a tank they are a priority but then it's my responsibility to not let them die). Again, if someone keeps wiping due to not knowing mechanics and not listening to others explaining them - I'd let them walk all the way from the spawn since it's probably the only way they can learn to not die. There was a couple situations when I wasn't the healer and the current healer didn't know they had a battle rez, but I can't say if it's common or I just got so lucky.

    In pvp... I don't know do people even die in pvp these days? Or just stand there for 15 mins scratching the opposite team and spamming emotes? Can't tell, haven't been in pvp since the balance got screwed up.
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