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Thread: Where is my guild?

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    Default Where is my guild?

    So today I got kicked out of yet another guild that I truly loved I have always found it odd back in the day that I get kicked out of ever single guild., I finally know why and its because I am me, I am who I am and if that leaves me to be an ******* so be it, the ironic thing is during this guild I met some great people and in fact our connection was so good they met me on another level. So if this game brings people together on a unique level so be it. I'm tired, very tired of trying to relate in real life when I think my true friends are right in front of me. I know I can be a jerk but that is my gift, I challenge others ya know, I mean I do this only to help.But this is not cool and I am truly heart by this because I know their value, I wish they would know mine. I have potential...why dont these guys give me a chance? I know I belong with with them for many reasons.

    But the truth is that I'm right I 'll put 5k credits on it. I just dont understand it . I try to help but I get thrown off , and it always happens, maybe its because I belong some place else. I don't want to believe that but its looking like it more and more everyday and this is a prime example of how life moves you on.
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    Default Miss Green guilds are full of real people- some patient- some not

    I am sorry you lost a guild you loved. It is difficult fitting in with a group of diverse people that want to team up and progress in a certain way. I can say- as a GL- that while we are tolerant, and love diversity- guild drama is a no go. If there is finger pointing, badmouthing, or failure to follow directions on a regular basis we talk to the guildie and if they do not change tell them perhaps we are not the best fit. It is very rare we kick. Usually a person leaves of their own accord when they realize what they want is not in line with our vibe. Why not form your own guild? Perhaps that might be the best solution for you- you can form up with like minded players and have some control over your guild atmosphere.

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    Default found your own guild

    perhaps you are other then others. but you are not alone with: "to be other"

    (Hope it make sense in english. I'm from Germany and German is my first language)

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    Big thing that bums me out about guilds is sometimes you find people who clearly don't belong in the guild and people get hurt. It is either the guild is sick of the person and removes them or the person is sick of the guild and removes themselves from the guild. Either way there you just have to move on.

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    Default ...

    Look, Mrs Green,

    there are just people that don't fit in guilds, i've learned that about myself the hard way. You may find yourself enjoying the company of few people in it and click with few others, but that's about as positive as it gets. Guilds are where game/online friendships go to die basically... meanwhile it's still a decent tool to get some perks (CotA and token & planarite & crafting boost).

    Just don't get your hopes up as much, RIFT is a game, but this is still the Internet. Have fun with whoever you enjoy playing with, don't put the guild-rope over your neck...
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    Gifts that are undesired usually aren't kept.

    People don't generally like jerks. Often in one's daily life they are hard to avoid, sometimes being coworkers you must work with, or customers you must provide service to.

    However, one can often choose to avoid them in leisure activities. By choosing to act like a jerk to those who voluntarily associate with you, especially when you aren't indispensable, you risk being someone others choose to avoid.

    To be accepted you must behave acceptably.

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    Sorry to hear this.

    This is what I usually told my kids when they feared social rejection/disappointment:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_MjCqQoLLA (note: as with all rock-n-roll, adapt pronouns and direct objects to best fit your own situation)

    When that didn't work, and they hit immovable objects face first, I went with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBbtiwSSg1s (note: tried to find the SNL version of this song for you (better sound quality), but no luck. At the time it was rumored the Stones were no more. Turned out they were hanging out in Jamaica retooling their act. Jagger came out swinging with Peter Tosh on Saturday Night Live with this tune (Jagger was unannounced. Just showed up. Blew the top off of it). "Some Girls" came about soon after, which is about as 180 from where the Stones had come from as one could get)

    And when it was a total mismatch of expectations, down this rabbit hole we would go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7HTqoxks_4 (such a fun little song with a twist. Loved "The Kinks". Highly underrated band. And not everybody is as cool as Lola, or Ray Davies, when it comes to <cough>mismatched expectations<cough>. LOL)

    But at the end of the day, and to keep on keeping on, I usually went with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0qnt5rTCoo (warning: SHAGS!)

    Anyway, I like the Tosh/Jagger advice; Sometimes, just gotta "walk and don't look back". But never, ever give up. Go to higher ground, retool, and start again...

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