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Thread: What we really want from rift?

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    Default What we really want from rift?

    Hello ,

    1st thing 1st this post is not for everyone to rage on devs.......

    I'm posting it for devs to understand where we coming from.

    as I see it rift don't have much further no more you can see it by almost everything devs do or more likely don't do.

    we getting T2 raid a whole 3 bosses that's should drop all the loot for us according to the last statement in live stream .

    what really got my attention is the statement " we don't have financial problem we just don't have personal " .

    so I'm happy that Trion don't have money problem ( well we drooping on them a lot of money just to gear up aka IRC) .

    so what I try to understand if you don't have money problem why you don't have the personal to make what we pay for?

    where is all the money go?

    I have no problem for you working on other games (challenge server ) , just don't do it on our behalf .

    I don't really care about your other games and I spend money on you to keep me busy and happy in rift .

    so why wont you just take the money we pay you and hire more ppl to work on the game that we pay you for ?

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    Perhaps the quality of worklife at Trion Worlds is such that quality employees move on to greener pastures. Their customers may not be the only ones dissatisfied with the direction Rift is headed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostlyrider View Post
    where is all the money go?
    Into less successful projects, obviously.

    And while this model has been described as a working one, it actually does not work for anything other than supporting new projects financially on release. If you keep using the same model with ongoing projects, all it does is turn one successful title into a cash cow, hurting it and creating an illusion that the other projects are actually doing fine. Clearly, if they were, they wouldn't be needing any other titles to support them, but hey, it "works". Apparently, it's easier to take money from Rift than hire better management for unsuccessful projects or at least admit that they are no longer profitable and should not be wasting dev time and players' resources.

    I completely agree that the money Rift players are pouring into the game should stay in Rift and be used to pay the dev team, hire more people if needed (and, well, it's clearly needed at this point), etc etc. Rift does not deserve to be a band-aid for other games that aren't doing too well. What it deserves is way more attention from the higher-ups and a better understanding of its core by the decision makers.
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    Trove seems to be quite successful at least it has more players than Rift. But of course I would have a better feeling spend money for Rift when I know it is also used for Rift but I can also understand that Trion is trying to not just rely only on a single product.

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    Much of the resource reallocation appears to be of the manpower, not the cash. Trion is basically it's own bucket of money that it pays its employees through. Do we know how many devs have moved to other Trion projects without a backfill? IMO that's the heart of the matter.
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    Hmm, it seems if there wasn't a cash flow issue, the personnel issue wouldn't likely exist.
    The bankrolling of titles that are not performing on their own merit is a logical and financial travesty in and of itself.

    What we have left of a dev team cannot possibly develop, let alone maintain Rift properly. This latest expansion (4.x) is a postage stamp for a reason, lack of manpower to make an expac of significance. Why can Trion not give the team the personnel necessary to keep people interested in what had been one of the finest franchises out there? Just think what it would be like if we had the dev team on their game doing the best works ever in an MMO. We have a few people trying to do the work of a team far larger and they are not able to come up for air!

    At what point do mages, clerics and warriors get some lovin they need? Instead it's a rebuild your rogue/primy fest. How about fixing the existing soul system before releasing a new mage soul that cannot even raid?

    So the question gets down to this, why is Trion working so hard to handicap the game?
    Obviously many people have vented on the forum regarding their distaste and the reasoning for moving on.

    During vanilla we had 38 shards, SL we were merged to 16. Now we have 7 shards and enough active players to fill one.

    Get the dev team the personnel they need to succeed and resolve the issue of the
    "Active Player Crisis" once and for all! Let's bring it back to the point that we have 10 shards going!! Playerbase is where the revenue stream comes from and if you have the playerbase large enough to require 10 shards to support that number of players, the revenue stream will be massive, just sayin!!

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    Default Well said BMX- lack of manpower is a supply and demand problem.

    BMX is right. Lack of manpower is seen in two areas- a product which grows way too fast and creates a higher demand for manpower, or a product which has seen a decline of demand and manpower (supply) adjusts to accommodate the smaller demand. Simple x/y axis supply and demand economics. My issue is less adjusting to that model. My issue is that the product has not kept pace with the same level as earlier releases in terms of consumer driven demand. Yes the player base may have declined. Got it. Fewer personnel working on the product. Got it. In that case streamlining and balancing consumer demand with a more targeted product seems more cost effective, and finding efficiencies therein essential. Maybe I am just a boring person who has been in IT and Project Management too long- but adding more value to a smaller toolkit of goodies seems to be the way to go. Not to make bigger- but to make better.

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    Default like i said

    keep rift money in rift
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    Default More money

    Here I support you trion I just paid for the Spooky New Power Pack spend my money on rift .......

    We do it DoT style

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