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Thread: death planar fragment with CP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordrahan View Post
    Seems random is somehow very... twisted.
    I tried the 750 ones.
    Got one martial death CP frag and junk tank or martial things on the 10 first boxes on my mage.
    Tried to send 10 boxes to my war alt. She got half Dex frags, rest being spellcaster tank or Crit. Many dex in multiples.
    Tried another 10 sample on my mage. Crit, tank, martial. Many multiples.
    Seems DEX classes drop a lot. Not really a surprise. I don't have primalist and rogue is the only calling I never play.

    So I put the martial death CP on my mage. Stats are junk, but I still get 500+ CP at level 9. Sad to have to do such things. Frags need to be class specific.
    On my rogue Ive never found a martial CP only 1 mystical. I very seldom get dex or ap deaths. Last time I opened 20 boxes I got 0 dex or ap and of which 14 were unerring (spell crit). The vast majority Im getting mysticals in general.

    From IRotP Ive gotten 7 mystical fire CPs not a single martial. Im using two mysticals as well.

    The expansion is soon 1 year old and I have 0 martial Cp fire/death frags...the RNG in acquiring shouldnt be this bad.

    If revered coffers would drop T1 frags more often I guess people would do more experts etc as well seeing as theres actually a good possibility to find a better fragment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hepatits View Post
    The droprate for CP fragments from the Mages of Allitu boxes is "supposedly" about 10% now after they fixed it. I've gotten one of the two, but haven't been trying lately. So 1k marks per box. With proper luck 10K marks nets you a CP frag.
    I must have missed this fix but it isn't working properly. Ive moved on from death and am trying to improve my Fires, I'm over 200 revered boxes for these and have yet to get any t1s. I have only gotten one mystical cp one. All of my decent fires have been from IRoTP.

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    I had the fire frags drop in iRotP but they are far and few between and each one was tanky side stat. Gave a few to my mage cause they were intel.

    This RNG stuff is getting old...

    The death frags... I went through a ton of boxes to get two of em, again tanky side stat. :/

    Dunno if a dps side stat is actually available.

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    dear devs, hi all,

    really, there must be something wrong. opened >100 mages boxes and still NO ONE death CP fragment

    seriously, i refuse to believe that this is intented - if so WHY ? ok to make something 'rare', ok some rng bad luck, but no one drop in almost 2 years, don't you find drop rates a little too low ?? and this is unbalanced too, because rogues for example need TWO death fragments, while some other callings need only one... so double kidding for rogues please devs fix this

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    Fixing caster frags or any frags ain't gonna happen. The fix is the price drop of plat infuse the dam thing. RNG will always be a factor in quality of the needed frag per class. So far I've farmed over 500 of these without getting what I need to complete my setup, and I've purchased more than my share of coffers. So I've resigned myself to gearing for average raid power mostly t1 and a few t2's. So it takes me a minute to obliterate a lvl70 elite, I'm just casual but still enjoy the game.
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