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Thread: Dev Chatter for August 23rd

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    Default Dev Chatter for August 23rd

    The following conversations were taken from questions asked on the Rift Community Discord. The following questions were asked and responded to on August 23, 2017. For those that donít know, Discord is more than just a pure voice service, it also serves as a text chat service similar to IRC and old style chat rooms. This is primarily how it is used for Rift. If you havenít yet, come join us on discord here: https://discord.gg/BQJnPQ6.

    Todayís topic is largely focused on recent class changes, and a vague hint about some new class tech.

    As usual, this has been anonymized (as appropriate), and edited for topic flow and some minor grammar tweaks.

    The purpose of these dev chatter posts is to summarize the general thoughts of Riftís dev team, and gain insight into upcoming content and features.

    All details are subject to change!

    link: https://www.thegharstation.com/2017/...ugust-23-2017/
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    It is odd to me that people would worry about primalist nerfs when from my experience their dps is still nuts.

    I also find it strange to argue against having more staff members. One person balancing a system like that is not good regardless of who does it. Trees through the forest and all that. I can understand the argument to a degree if the underlying system is a bit of a mess but that is quite worrying in itself. If it is this bad why did we bring in legendaries that exasperate the situation even more.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Q: What are the amount of a dps in your opinion people should be doing right now?

    A: It varies by player, but in the 1~1.1m range for single target is going to be a solid performing raider.

    I dont play primalist or rogue.
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