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    Quote Originally Posted by Xlavius View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I believe that they told you this. I just don't believe them. If it was only slightly true, they wouldn't delay announcing it officially and let players bleed away in the meantime. They would officially announce it and make a ****ton of customers happy / stopping the bleeding. And what's the logic behind first ignoring PVP, then deliberately butchering it, and then coming with a completely new revamped PVP CQ?

    My initial reaction even was to return to Rift and get ready, until my healthy skepticism took over. Besides, it's not realistic, what players are going to take part in such massive battles? Are they assuming each and everyone of us is going to go paymalist to avoid getting oneshotted?
    While I would love to think a reworked Conquest might actually be good this time, and be something worthy of being "open world style pvp" the reality is that it won't be. There is a reason I stopped playing. Rift was once an amazing game, and I believe still has one of the best art teams working for it, and overall a great group of people behind it. However the people making the calls at the top have been hurting the game for years. And it became just to much for me to continue to overlook. I check back periodically hoping the game will be better and what do I see when I came back? They removed Planar Assaults, a poorly handled attempt to do something people have wanted for YEARS, the chance to go through the rifts. But as per usual Trion rushed it, dumbed it down, and then canned it when the players rightly didn't partake. And as per usual again, they don't look at the why behind people ignoring this content, they just look at the end result. Like 4 or 5 other great features that were implemented poorly and eventually either left to die or were abandoned.

    I've given up hoping for the best, now I'm just checking to see if maybe somehow they can eventually turn things around. Oh and don't get me started on them doing Extra Life on a day that is not national Game Day, after people planned that time off well in advance knowing that the majority of people doing EL do it when everyone else is. No reason to even log in to Rift for EL this year, since there will be no last hour corgi run.
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    Default A suggestion concerning Intrepids

    Hi, I would really like to see the Intrepids cycle through various raids, perhaps weekly. My schedule doesn't allow me to participate in a regular raid group, but I love seeing the raids. Yes, I understand that the high level (hard core) raiders want the really tough stuff. I think that is great and they should have first access. Please, after a decent interval make an Intrepid version for the rest of us! I love the game and hope you will pursue an active development scheme. You have a truly unique game here.

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