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    Mar 2017


    If I could change one thing....

    It would be to make special potions (I.E. Rotting Salve, Coastal Aphrodisiac, Ghoulish Serum, Witch's Serum, etc.) and "on use" items usable in dimensions. It could raise role play in a whole new way, and bring a bit of love to those otherwise cool but useless crafted items and event trinkets and potions. ;) Food for thought!

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    Default PVP

    Please, balance out the Warfronts. Make those who are overpowered equal with the rest of us.

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    My first full levelling experience in RIFT at the moment Although you have melee auto attack and a button to switch to wand auto attack for mages and clerics, why cant you have it automated depending on distance or have a choice to choose which auto attack is default?

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    If I could change only one thing, I would find some way to allow users to move from the EU to NA servers or vice versa without re-rolling. I honestly would play more (and be more inclined to throw money at the game) if I could move everything over. I enjoy the game, I just hate being stuck on the servers on the wrong side of the clock for where I'm at.
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    Default Fragements

    Fix Fragments;

    1. Random and Expensive do not mix...
    2. Be able to take them out after they have been upgrades
    3. 1 Click = 1 Level Infuse
    4. More available BiS

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    Default Bring back PVP.

    I remember in 2.0 pvp was booming, you could find it in open world. You could queue for it even at level 15 and be able to find a match. I remember sitting in front of Sanctum, Meridian and even in granite falls being able to find pvp. But after that, it has been one thing after the other in poor decisions, the latest being the 'Damage and healing reduction' having caused myself and a ton of other people that I used to play with to simply stop logging in or log in and afk because the thing we enjoyed has been thoroughly destroyed. There are plenty of great ways to fix PvP every
    where, if only they would just listen. All the players I know that have left, seriously miss rift's old days. At least hire a PVP based dev.
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    More or less the reason I stepped out back in the day and only check in from time to time to see what's changed is that I just didn't feel like there was meaningful, timely progression options for people that didn't like spamming dungeons or raiding.

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    Bring CQ back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchstud View Post
    Bring CQ back
    There was a mention by Archonix on a Live stream going back a few weeks that some form of Conquest will be coming back in early 2018, no real details except it wouldn't be the Steppes one and will run something like once a week?

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    i would be happy if it did, Please!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    Fellow Telarians, if you could change one thing in RIFT, what would it be? We welcome your [constructive] feedback. Please understand that we cannot commit to anything at this point due to technology, time, etc. limitations, but we would like to genuinely know your thoughts.

    Thank you!
    For the eternal weapon completion, make it so Malannon in TD NM kill counts towards the final stage of the quest....that would give 2 pts a week, and considerably increase the completion rate before it becomes obsolete for newer players or returning players....because 4 months is way too long, esp to get into T2 raids

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    If i could change ONE thing it would be how many stat item slots there are in the game.

    The grind is real-

    Planar fragments

    If it was up to me half of them would be deleted.
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    Default Chane Tenebrean Engines

    If I could change one thing it would be to make the Tenebrean Engines "Sellable". This would allow for those that have excess engines to be able to sell them (tho prolly at some exorbitant price), and allow those that still need alot of them to buy them via AH or Trade, and this in turn would mean buying/selling REX more. It's a Win-Win-Win scenario! (Win times 3 = Player with extra, Player that needs them, and Trion with REX sales increase).

    (Title should have read "Change Tenebrean Engines")
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    One thing.. wouldn''t be enough..

    return some Xp to crafting workorders.. Doesn't have to be much.. 2500 upto level 50, 7500 upto level 60, 25.000 upto 65 and 250.000 upto level 70.
    This could of course be combined with skill level..

    Get 1250 for level 1-50 +
    300 for skill 1-300,
    600 for skill 300-375,
    900 for skill 376-450
    1250 for skill 450-525.

    Get 4000 for level 51-60, +
    900 for skill 1-300,
    1800 for skill 300-375,
    2700 for skill 376-450
    3750 for skill 451-525

    give more information in the char login window..
    zone/location + guildname would be nice

    1C coloring options for dimension items in crafting..
    recipe + added item for color ( like the old augment-added crafting)

    make (some of) the non-hit gear from game currency in store accountbound
    lower some gear prices for old gear .. say upto level 60
    add the vanilla planar vendor gear to the rift store

    unless I missed something.. make solo maze of steel a daily chron

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    Plane Touched
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    I would remove the new Intel caches. This isn't even roundabout pay to win, it's just straight pay to win. Will these be temporary? If not, please consider making them limited time and never bringing them back.

    Thank you for making Intel more available in dungeons, LFR, and ZEs. This is a positive thing. Buying current currency is not positive. I would recommend making them a currency exchange, Ethereal for Intel or something.

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