The reward calendar could use some adjustments:

Day 5: With PoA ffa no one needs Void Stones anymore. Captured Intel(same amount) would be a nice replacement if it is happening for September.

Day 16: Is identical to day 12 in rewards at the moment and with LFR no one really needs Marks of Propehcy. A bag with 2.0-4.0 Celestial Matrixes in a mix of Matrixes and Celestial Motes.

Day 21: Could be updated to Ethereal Shards with LFR and T1 out and giving 2 Tenebrean Engines. We have a new raid tier coming out this fall so helping people to upgrade some stuff even if it is not Overlord would be helpful and there are also new essences to upgrade which is an other 12 Engines or more(affix says hi) for some people.

Off topic: If the new raid tier is not using Ethereal Shards and Tenebrean Engines then it would be also nice if we could buy Engines for 20k Ethereal Shards in the future. That's 1 T1 item upgrade per week for a Patron maxing their Ethereal Shards.