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Thread: A few random questions

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    Default A few random questions

    I have a quest "Eternal Weapon: Taking Power". Where do I get 15 particles of energy? And why isn't there a counter next to it?

    Is there any current content use for Commendation of Renown?

    How does loot work in current dungeons? I occasionally get something but it's the same 2-3 items over and over. Once I had a message while running Darkening Deeps "Do you want to spend a charge" or something to that effect when one of the bosses died, but I've only seen it that one time and not since.

    What's the best place to get current content essences? Is it the random ones from the rep vendors?

    How does LFR work? Are they puggable?

    Are there any Summerfest quests for the current content? Last time there were quests in the plane of water for example. I haven't seen anything in Alittu.

    About what is the total cost of upgrading a planar fragment to max level? Is it worth it for non-BIS stuff?

    About all I can think of. Thanks.

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    It is a quest and area in the Schism towards the norteast flank of the schism itself IIRC. You get ported to a platform after clicking on the sparkly object (I forget what it was) and there are two things (identical) you can click on the platform before jumping off and hitting blue bubbles (red bubbles subtract one). You have to hit 15 in one run and collect them (use reactives). There are walk through and even a vid on teh forum somewhere. If you have the map up and the quest selected (on your GUI) it should show the location of teh starting point. Clicking on the quest with the map active will hopefully zoom and mark the place.

    Commendations - old factions only AFAIK.

    Dungeon gear you get free rolls once per day (again IIRC) and after that it is charges for extra rolls on teh same boss in teh same day. I wouldn't waste IRC on these as LFR-TD is easy and better gear. Check the Holyroller thread stickied above for more detail (Is Rift worth returning to...)

    Best current essences are raid rifts in new zone (VP). QF was the best, but that is pretty much dead now because of the VP-raid rifts. You do need 2k hit for those and have to be in the group that spawns the rift, but they are awesome essences.

    Forget LFR. No one uses it. Just look for people advertising LFR-TD or easymode or whatev. Not the TD-normal, cos that is a lot harder.

    Don't think so - I think Summerfest was simply a reload of last year's.

    Planar frags is a piece of string question. The system is also due for revamp. But the cost is a few hundred plat to level 9, about 1.5kpp to 12 and about 3 to 3.5kpp to level 15 (last one is a big upgrade statwise) but I wouldn't go there right now unless you have truckloads of plat lying around (like 100k to waste). Get decent frags to 6-9 and you should be good for most content, you won't be hitting the DPS of geared raiders, but viable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbe View Post
    About what is the total cost of upgrading a planar fragment to max level? Is it worth it for non-BIS stuff?
    To add to what Linolea already said - There are revamps in the works for planar fragments. No one knows what they are yet and they won't be discussed until august. So far we've only been told that those changes will come out over the course of the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled in august for the livestream.

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