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Thread: Summerfest weapon Runes

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    Ascendant simpa1988's Avatar
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    These items aren't reusable ?
    They last for specific time and cant be used again ? It doesn't worth if they are like this

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    Rift Master caduto's Avatar
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    the items are completely reuseable, they are yours for life.. put them on any weapon skin you choose
    the issue above describes an issue about the effect only lasting one day once it is applied..
    the actual item to create the effect doesnt disappear, you would just have to reapply it every day.

    seems to only be happening to one person atm tho, i havnt bought them on live yet so cant complare

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    Rift Chaser TankGirl's Avatar
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    Apr 2015


    where you have that "one day"?
    I'm looking at new runes, old runes from other events and nothing like that
    and once I applied a rune on weapon skin (and I have runes on many skins) in wardrobe window - they are on it forever.

    I would just STOP using it or buy if not work "forever"... impossible to remember name of rune I used on every wardrobe skin slot its not a kind of thing I want to have in my mind and think about it all the time in here
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