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Thread: Legendary Ability Lag

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    Default Legendary Ability Lag

    It's been 6 months and a couple weeks since 4.0 and legendary abilities went live, and they still have one flaw that drives me absolutely insane: ability lag. Any ability that has the option to be made legendary, whether chosen as a legendary or not, experiences some slight ability lag when used. For abilities that have cooldowns attached to them this can partially be overlooked, but there are more than a handful of these abilities that are intended to be used as a primary ability in a standard rotation.

    In the image below there are 6 abilities. They all share the fact that they do not have a cooldown. The top 3 have no option to be made legendary abilities, while the bottom 3 do. All were used as standard abilities.

    As to be expected, there has always been some slight delay in RIFT, and you'll notice it takes ~105 seconds to execute the non legendary abilities 100 times. The legendary abilities however take ~10 seconds longer to execute the same 100 attacks at close to 115 seconds. These were done in an ideal environment (alone in an empty dimension without macros.) That's an artificial inflation of the Rogues 1 second global cooldown by 10%-15%, which can be even worse in open world and raiding environments.

    Some might say 1 or 2 tenths of a second, big deal! When those 2 tenths of a second are 20% of your global cooldown it is. And you can definitely feel it, and it feels horrible. Especially for souls like Nightblade and Shadeborn, where a great deal of their standard rotation (Dusk Strike/Flame Blitz and Shadow Lash/Scything Night/Void Touch, respectively) are legendary abilities.

    It appears that most of the current round of balancing has finished, and the new Primalist souls seem to be close to completion on the PTS, so could some resources please be put towards resolving or at least working around this issue?
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    Wholeheartedly agree with this and thanks for putting it into better words than what I've tried previously.

    I was just thinking that I've become so used to it, that it just seems like an additional lag for certain abilities, to go with my Awesome Australia Ping. Not a good way to be.
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    100% agree.

    It's wonderful when your entire spec is based around legendaries with channel clipping with 5s timer debuffs with a focus bar that's passively decaying and any lag just merks the entire spec.

    The times you think you're not lagging so you'll get a great parse -- oh wait... legendary lag kicked in anyway. GG parse.

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    Probably not the thread but: Some Legendaries can still be cast as non-Legendary under forced stress circumstances (macroing, forcing lag).

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    So, it's not just my imagination that Legendary Alacrity > Legendary Rising Waterfall feels like garbage compared to Shifting Blades > Tranquility? And it's not my fault that I have to spam these things through constant "ability requirements not met" errors when I'm simply queuing Alacrity to fire as soon as its CD finishes?


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    I mentioned this somewhere when it first came out. The lag was big at first but getting lower as more optimization kicked in from Devs to the point where it was easier to get use to.

    The reason i could think of and is probably likely to be the cause is that there are too much overhead in an ability with basically 2 versions of coding of the same ability and along with an extra copy of all the interactions that this ability has effect on that the pre-processing or initiating of the ability time is larger than your GCD time therefore the seconds of delays comes in before the ability actually goes out again.

    You could definitely tell the legendary ability devs are different from the original ability designer, simply with the poor optimization level when the ability first came out.

    PS. think of it the EM mastery that we use to separate out from macros because there was a slight delay when executing in macros. This looks more or less like a hidden EM bind to each legendary ability rather than An Ability.
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