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Thread: Scatherran Forest Quest Glitch

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    Default Scatherran Forest Quest Glitch

    https://gyazo.com/b39d58a054497fdcf934c74e9809740bSo I am finally getting around to completing the Scatherran quest line and I am doing these quests and such, but it seems to have glitched somehow. I have the quest completed, but the lady that I am supposed to turn it into isnt there. Ive tried shard hopping and restarting my game to try and see if that would fix the issue but she wont appear. Normally I wouldnt mind abandoning it and redoing the quest, but I have popped a Trans Xp Vial, and I rather not waste 30min of that on a quest I have already done. Is there any way I can get it completed without having to redo it? Thanks for any input https://gyazo.com/d7c93ae4278f91c2359332f9c2b56c65
    Update: Had various story quests from different areas, just got rid of Xarth Mires quest and he appeared.
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    Default Scatheran story quests bugged

    I had the same problem with the quest where you ride the squirrel and go back to Tasuil the dragon in Feboclan. He never appeared and I couldnt even get the quest giver after abandoning the quest, until I completed all Xarth Mire quests.
    Another problem where Ambriel vanished and I never found the story until I had already reached level 70. There is something signifficantly wrong with the triggers in these quests.
    Somebody needs to take a close look.

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    The issue involves the main npcs like tasuil phasing out for certain story quests. If you have two or more that both involve the same npc, it will affect your ability to turn in one of them because they won't phase back to their expected turn in location. As for Tasuil in feilbocan, I've found that if you also have the breadcrumb story quest to head to xarth mire, tasuil won't appear. Complete your other story quests and check back to see if the bugged quest will unbug itself.

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