"Why don't we have Nightmare Tide's soundtracks on Bandcamp ?"
That's what I wad asking to myself this afternoon...
On Bandcamp, we already have :

"Planes Of Telara" soundtracks, right here : https://trionworlds.bandcamp.com/alb...anes-of-telara

"Storm Legion" soundtracks, here : https://trionworlds.bandcamp.com/alb...t-storm-legion

But... nothing about "Nightmare Tide" which is sad, because its soundtracks were beautifull !
Even if there is a lack of soundtracks from Rift 1.0 and 2.0 in Planes of telara and Storm legion albums, we still have some of them and it's enough like this ^^
But, we don't have Nightmare tide ones, and, the thing I don't understand is that, we actualy have a complete album, with every soundtracks of the newest expansion :

"Prophecy of Anhket" here : https://trionworlds.bandcamp.com/alb...rfall-prophecy

Why don't we have Nightmare Tide ones when we have Prophecy of Ahnket ones... I don't know if it's wanted or just an oversight, but, it doesn't cost anything to add it, it only could make you money ^^' and make your comunity happier.

So thank you for reading my post and see ya !