Welp as one who played from 2012-2014 and got the "Annihilator" title from homicidal tendancies" and every other pvp achievement in the game outside of the one requiring XXXXXXX plat from corpses and tried to come back several times since I can tell you removing open world pvp support was the beginning of the end for rift.

PVP was and is the ultimate end game in ANY mmorpg. Raiding yes is the ultimate pve challenge to get the ultimate gear for pve but pvp was where you got to challenge other people of varying skill levels and try to be the best in each environment you find yourself fighting in. The old pvp rift days of stillmoor, ember isle, IPP especially and shimmersand were great. Not to mention defending sanctum or meridian from the invaders. It was such a good time and when enemy raids happened you rallied all the people who happened to be in town at the time and tried to defend. Who cared about the result it was fun and a break from the monotony of the quest, daily, dungeon, warfront routine. Conquest was alright, nothing special and adding steppes was definitely a dumb decision, don't know what they were thinking there, it was good fishing though.

The decline really kicked in once nightmare tide was released and pvp gear was removed entirely and all previously viable hybrid specs suddenly were useless. Warlord was nerfed into the ground. Reaver was improved, ok that was an improvement but it was so OP that it made tempest look bad. By this time warfronts were popping less and less frequently.

Oh sidenote: not having the dendrome weeklies on reset raid hordes was a big mistake too on your part Trion. That made the quiet times of the day ALIVE and people went on to pvp, raid, whatever after that. So much fun despite lag issues who cares.

Then things have been slowly declining from then with the addition of two very VERY stupid warfronts, ghar station eyn and especially bronze tomb. 0 skill involved, 0 strategy involved, nothing. The last good map made that involved ANY strategy or skill at all was the blighted antechamber which really made melee somewhat viable.

The removal of port scion and conquest to a lesser degree is likely the end of this game. I wanted to come back again tonight, I just came on to check patch notes and the latest posts on certain sub-forums and coming across this, port scion was the BEST pvp map ever by far second to NONE. It involved strategy to destroy your enemies WHILE fighting mobs to achieve certain objectives. It gave the under-geared people a chance at scoring points by running treasure and killing some mobs and assisting with the bosses (dragon and church boss). Like above said there was opportunities to win by different strategies like kill the other opponent's boss, defend church/bridge/both. The pre-shortened version was better BTW, it was only shortened to compensate for LOST population thanks to nightmare tides utter fail when removing pvp gear. NO other pvp map compares to the awesomeness and creation talent as port scion, NONE. The only others that required any skill at all were blighted antechamber, conquest stillmoor and barely make the cut codex.

I will not be returning tonight on knowledge of this utter blunder and bad decision. I wish all who knew me over the years to have a great time and a great life. Some may remember me as Rozalia. Love you all.