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Thread: What happened to choosing IA zone? Why cant I spam silverwood?

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    Default What happened to choosing IA zone? Why cant I spam silverwood?

    Why cant a real level 10-20, a new toon you make, ia in silverwood like before?

    What happened to choosing IA zone? The new ones have to many people and its hard to hit anything to get credit when the are odd terrain zones and cant get there in time.

    1-50 I would not have a problem though yet still want freemarch and silverwood and the old rewards.

    They seem like not worth doing now, who knows maybe that's a good thing...get people back into reg quests.
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    Specific IAs were removed in Nightmare Tide to reduce queue times and create bigger groups.
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    These got taken out back in 2015 (around issue 3.2, if I recall correctly). I ground out my 500 adventures in Stillmoor to unlock the "Caer" suffix just before the option to select a zone was removed.

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    There were some sizeable changes to Instant Adventures in 3.2.

    Quote Originally Posted by CMMorgana
    The Instant Adventure experience is even better than before! Adventures will now randomly send groups of Ascended heroes anywhere, and these groups will be large raids of 15-20 players. Roughly every half hour, the adventuring location will change automatically to keep things exciting!

    By popular demand, player participation will be more carefully tracked, resulting in loss of rewards for non-participation or even removal from the raid for being AFK. Also, AFK-kicked players will now be blocked from rejoining Instant Adventure for 15 minutes.

    Players now earn Commendations of Renown instead just earning Notoriety for the zone they're in. These Commendations can be turned into Commendation Officers in any capital city for Notoriety with any zone faction of the player’s choice!

    Instant Adventure groups will no longer start in zones with active Zone Events. If a Zone Event starts while you are there, you'll be transported to a more suitable location once the current adventure is concluded!

    For more details-- and what's coming up next in the 3.2 patch for Instant Adventures, see the Instant Adventure section below and check out our article here!

    * Additional layers of afk and non-participation detection have been added.
    - A "Vote AFK" feature has also been added (this is NOT a Vote-Kick feature).
    - Players that get removed from an Adventure group for being AFK will not be able to rejoin Instant Adventure for 15 minutes.
    * The old zone-based queues have been replaced by a new, completely redesigned Random queue.
    - The Random Queue attempts to maintain large group sizes.
    - Players will be added to adventures in any zone as opposed to only zones on the same map from which they queued.
    - Adventure groups will be rotated to a new zone roughly every 30 minutes.
    - Adventure groups will not be placed in zones with an active Zone Event.
    - If a Zone Event begins in a zone with an Adventure group, then that group will be moved to a new zone at the conclusion of the current Adventure.
    * Instant Adventure Achievements have been revised.
    - Most of the old zone-based achievements have been moved to the Legacy category.
    - New and remaining achievements have been moved a new Instant Adventure category in the Character section.
    * Void Stone rewards have been increased from 5 to 15-25.
    * Adventure Caches now contain 3-7 Commendations of Renown.
    - Commendations can be turned in to Commendation Officers for Notoriety with zone-based factions.
    * Adventure Caches also have a chance of containing a Mark of Notoriety.
    * Scaling of all IA bosses in Mathosia have been rescaled for more Health.

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    Ironically almost ever reason they did that made them no longer viable to me.

    It was not broke and they fixed it. Oh well, reg quests then.

    No big deal just a broken feature in my opinion and everyone's entitled to a opinion, right? Play-style and all that happy jazz.

    There is a up side to this, forced to do it old way.

    Because of the big groups competing for kills and odd Terran I have no interest now. I cant get anything for it. I'm slow to react a bit...Mainly because of the areas landscapes. I picked silverwood/freemarch for the lay of the land.

    If I want a challenge in a casual pursuit, I'll stop worrying about features and roleplay an in game marriage to an shrill millennial newager in funny black rimed glasses like a super version of the chick from love story. Well..ok I wont go that far...but you get my point.

    I have no desire to compete with other players in this context, it was a fun laid back casual activity, now it will stress me out and trigger my stress migraines.

    I wanted the only challenge to be pve not competing for rewards and jockeying for position. I wanted no bad feelings between teammates.
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