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Thread: Suggestion: VERY hard world content

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    Default Two things that are not going to happen...

    Firstly, there will be no very hard open world content. The moaners, especially the "I want it NOW" brigade, would go into a whinging frenzy.

    Secondly, there will no content that is genuinely new and different. Partly because Trion can't afford to do it and partly because there are too many people who like tediously repetitive content, ie, dailies, weeklies and raids.

    The heyday of the MMORPG is long past, long live boring, same-again content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kremmen View Post
    Firstly, there will be no very hard open world content. The moaners, especially the "I want it NOW" brigade, would go into a whinging frenzy.
    Sad but true. I remember the early days of RIFT when everyone was striving to get the gear but you had to work with it. experts and raids. Greenscale was tough but doable. There was tremendous pride when you completed it.

    In the game today, there is a loud and vocal and growing group now that don't have the patience to work at something belieinvg the old adage "The Squeaky wheel get's the grease" to shut down the difficult and challenging quests. Trion caves and as a result the game gets easier and easier.

    We are ready seeing the whining now with the Xarth Mire Fortress quests. The seige rewards a really good item for people and is worth working towards. What'll happen is that eventually, the raiders and serious people will get what they need and no longer do the quest leaving this particular group to whine even louder because they can't get their "trophy".

    RIFT isn't hard but it does require the player to learn their class and the callings being used in the build. You can't just mash a single button and be successful. You actually have to think about it.

    There i will get off my soapbox now ..

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    Other games have tried zones with nothing but elites. Heck, Rift even had sections of zones where that's pretty much the mob population. As is often the case, however, the rewards are arbitrarily held back because the raiders espouse their usual, "Well, you don't NEED that gear..." rhetoric while simultaneously fearing they'll lose their drone population because alternative paths (frequently labeled as "easier" without context) to gearing exist. Ideally, whatever one does should be done with fun as the foremost priority. Unfortunately, gains have simply been lopsided for well over a decade within the genre.

    That aside, open worlds eventually becoming useless is a problem. You can't just go throwing rare spawns around with good loot, either, as that just invites the use of bots and other tools to maximize gains over legitimate players. Further so if whatever loot can be sold or ransomed. Rather, instanced questing needs to be more of a thing where the hard stuff is only present when a player, or group of them, initiates the content. Said content can also not be interacted with by players outside that group, further asserting a given expectation of difficulty/scaling. However, it's foolish that any such content should just be expected to be dungeons/raiding with a different coat of paint. The soloist or someone with a friend or two still has every right to pursue personal growth, and ideally without all the drama and unreasonable expectation random group content tends to elicit.

    Overall, the goal should be that the party/raid content gets the loot faster, but anyone else of a reasonable play time shouldn't be locked out because they don't find a good guild or can't commit to raid schedules. Some may argue that LFR is for this type of player, but you've still got the reality of everyone not liking large-scale content, wasting time with queues, conforming to some sort of play style the game itself doesn't outline, and the loot still being sub-par. It's not about whining, as the frequent fallback demonstrated by some, but more the acknowledgement there are players unrepresented in content delivery within MMOs still and a stubborn appeal to tradition is either ignoring them or downplaying their presence.

    Frankly, I hate dailies/weeklies/rep grinds/time gating. Some are stubborn vestiges of subscription models. Some are the paranoia that those without a sense of moderation will blaze through everything and then whine about nothing to do. Some people just need to get over themselves about people they'll never play with, or want to, having the same stuff. Playing other games from time to time isn't a bad thing, either. Nonetheless, "Hard Mode All The Things!" is also an uninspired route to take if players unhappy with the state of open worlds are actually given a bone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwio View Post
    There's a lot of people saying the rewards aren't good enough.
    It's depressing that some don't think that just playing the game, and that's what it is, it's not a job, is not the most rewarding aspect. I've been on raids in a few mmo's and the most memorable nights are not those that I got a such and such item it was having a laugh with my sometimes half drunk guild members. Sometimes we succeeded sometimes not, it was great to succeed but really it didn't matter.
    Was the chance there to get a drop?
    As long as expansion packs and Essential Edition are in the Rift Store for cash only purchases and are bind on pickup or bind on account only, then the game will be pay to win. Once you can buy them with store credits or can place them on the AH then the game won't be pay to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xlavius View Post
    But why not introduce a new open world continent, with it's own quests apart from the main quest-line, that is so very hard that you really can't make it there on your own.
    it took .. what a year or more to come up with the new continent they got now and it still not done, you want them to come up with another one that only the best of players will play? O.o ... lots of luck ...
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