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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Daily Rewards Calendar - Day 11 in SFP

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    Default Nightmare Tide notoriety still

    It's the middle of March 2017 - Received a Pelagic Order Decree. Oh well...

    Suggestion to keep it simple and rewarding - perhaps the calendar reward could be changed to instead receive Marks of Notoriety or Commendations of Renown so that players could turn them in for whatever notoriety they actually need?

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    Default Fixing Daily Reward Calendar

    If and only an if, the thought was to try and appeal to the whole community and not just those with the SFP expansion, I can see why they left that choice in. That being said then why don't they just have a pop-up box with a choice of which notoriety you can choose, just like you do now when you do a turn in? What about the new lvl 10. They can't use NMT notoriety. Have the choice(s) cover all of Rift, not just 1 expansion. TrionBrasse, too many band-aids, Rushing the product out for release and fixing it with patches is not a very good business plan!
    Also: Why does Trion penalize the everyday player? Why stop at 21 days? How about you add more days or better yet, reopen the whole calander at day 22 and let the player chose which reward they what for that day. Then gray out that choice for the rest of the month. Just thinking out load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varder View Post
    Also: Why does Trion penalize the everyday player? Why stop at 21 days?
    they explained this when the calendar was created.
    It stops at 21 to NOT penalize people who don't play everyday /can't log because IRL. It is a gift, a bonus, you don't want to feel you need to log on everyday or miss something.

    I agree, some things are outdated... but I prefer old notoriety or void stones (still useful) to useless lockbox keys in my patron gift...
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