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Thread: [gamescom 2017] RIFT community camping 21.-27.08.17 in Cologne

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    for those looking for travel to Cologne/Köln....

    There are some companies that offer low budget travel.
    Eurolines often has cheap bus tickets if booked in advance (around 3 months in advance)
    traintickets you want to book in advance through the German website bahn.com ... usually you get a good discount. cheap tickets are Sparpreis tickets.
    There is also a German organization for bus tickets, called flixbus, that has cheap tickets.

    Plain tickets.. ryanair, eurowings, maybe easyjet..

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    After seeing the video there is no way in hell I go to one of these. I clearly need to get some tats, do some steroids, and get a decent shave.
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    I'm too old for college frat parties.

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    Gamescom is coming closer! Anyone else planning on coming and want to camp with us?
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    I'm going anyway every year.
    I'll probably come by the trion booth but I am wondering what trion is presenting this year?

    I remember the first year...where I met Ted one of the designers/programmers of Hammerknell and raid content. Due to our rather fast progress we talked for like an hour and ended up exchanging mails. I went home with two hooties (missus and me were there), shirts, baseball caps and about 40 dwarves smithy goggles for the guild.
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