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Thread: Opie: Tracking Vials

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    Default Opie: Tracking Vials

    I know there are other threads regarding Opie, but most of them are case closed. Anyway, I'm not sure if they are fully aware of the tracking vials issues, but just in case.

    Nightmare/Twisted tracking vials timer reduced by one minute when you switched shards.

    I was paying attention to the timer, which, by the way, had three minutes left, it immediately reduced to one minute right away. (I didn't even switched shards)

    One more thing; I wasn't sure if five minutes is intended or not. So far, two tracking vials lasts four, not five minutes.

    Also, please, please for god sake's, install "Are you sure" pop up when you attempt to buy any tracking vial. I accidently wasted my pellets on twisted vial >.< I really enjoyed riding my Opie mount because it's cute and small, it also have pretty rainbow sparkle trail. Unfortunately, I can't even ride it due to the poorly design hot bar/vials/pellets. It doesn't even feel like a mount anymore *shrugs*
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    Maybe they should stick a key at the end of the bar (next to dismount perhaps) to toggle other abilities on and off. That way you could switch them on, click what you need, and disable them (except the dismount of course). Just a thought.
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