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Thread: Flying Mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuuli View Post
    The closest thing to flying was in Nightmare Tide where you swam over the one zone. Maybe flying could be restricted to a certain zone. An air zone with a floating city, I'm sure rp'ers would love that.
    I agree with this.
    Take the NT ocean zones, like Goboro near the gate or above Draunheim, and imagine the water where you are floating with your swimming mount is not there. Yes you are flying.
    So they already did it, but the NT zones with water had a tridimensional design.

    They can"t (and won't) do this in the whole game for good reasons already explained by posters above me, but they could make a new 3D zone designed for flying.
    This would be perfect for a Plane of Air zone, with islands in the sky, aerial bridges and flying citadels, and flying mounts. Aerial combat. Flying mobs plumeting you to death in a zone where fall damage will exist.
    I would like it. Only for a dedicated zone designed for it. Great fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Chaos View Post
    Do you say "just accept it" to any other game ending issue for players? And Blizzard didn't see flying as a mistake, just an unfortunate limitation on content creativity, which having mounts at all does anyway. They've struck a nice balance now. I'd rather play Rift, than that other game, but as said, even if I could persuade myself, I would not be able to convince anyone else and it would be "forever alone" play.

    Which is how I feel about the subject and as a player it is just as valid an observation as yours.
    As you are the one proposing a change, the burden of proof is on you. Aside from your personal preferences (including the people you already know who will not play a game without flying mounts), for what reasons should Rift have flying mounts?

    Furthermore, it is bad etiquette to revive a thread that has been idle for over 16 months, especially when you have not posted for over three and a half years.
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    Instead of flying mounts, how about gliding mounts? Double tap spacebar while mounted to glide for a short time or maybe something like the flying hat from Super Mario 64?. I can see myself revisiting Scarlet Gorge to see how far I can glide for fun.

    If anyone wants the privilege of skipping over those terrible crowds of enemies between quest giver and quest marker they should play Rogue and Sin their way through.


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