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Thread: New Bundle Packs

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    Default New Bundle Packs

    So, took a look at the new bundle packs on the store. It's an interesting setup for the packs, starting to look a lot like a pay to play model. Just my thoughts on it though.


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    Eh, not necessarily. I think this is a fair way to market content to new players, and even the price for the Wilds pack has been reduced from the original ~$100 price tag.
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    Smart move IMO, bundling the previous soul packs with extra goodies. Everything a player could possibly feel like they would 'need' for $150. And the pricing precendent was set with Ultimate Nightmare so it's definitely within the realm of what a lot of players are willing to pay, but offers SO much more than that package did! Honestly this is a great value in my opinion, but only if you are a brand new player. Most of us already have at least some of what's included in this pack, so we will just have to sit tight and wait to see the new souls that are coming.

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