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Thread: Public Chat Channels and Shard Culture

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    Default Public Chat Channels and Shard Culture

    I posted this on the subreddit last night when this happened, but it's still relevant now.

    "Are all channels global, even player created ones? GB chat is... painfully loud now."

    No... seriously. It's... 2AM here. Greybriar chat is normally chill at this time. We're usually farming, grinding, idling, or just otherwise... chillin'.

    The unified chats weren't a -bad- idea, but as much as I tout that "Greybriar is BESTbriar," I'd think it would make sense to host the unified chats on Wolfsbane or Deepwood. I'm scrolling through the chat, and all I see are users@Wolfswood/Deepbane. Y'all peeps can talk.

    I like Greybriar's library-like culture. We're here to get stuff done, and if you talk -too- much, you're disturbing the peace. Short bursts are usually how we operate in public channels. I don't know how other guilds/channels on Greybriar were, but I imagine they didn't talk this much either.

    I don't know-- with all this talking on the channels, I'm finding it difficult not to feel like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. My tea doesn't taste as good, and my jazzhop music isn't as calming.
    Even now, I'm logging on, and NONE of us seem to want to take place in the chaos. Almost every person in the chat has a shard suffix. Sure, we could make a channel, but peeps wouldn't join it... and we're being run off our own shard?!
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    Everything is global and shows up as:
    • CrossEvents
    • Trade
    • Level 65
    • Level 1 - 29 (and the rest)
    • World Defense

    They're "hosted" on a shard (in this case, Greybriar) much like instances are "hosted' on various shards. Ever join the HK:IA and you're on Seastone? Or any other shard. It's kind of like that. It's kind of similar to how websites work. You "host" your website through provider A but access your website through domain.tld. Your "host" is just housing it for you and has nothing to do with the frontend of it all.

    There is no [levelchat]@shard anymore because they've been unified to contain ALL shards. If you want to make something centric to greybriar make a new private channel called "Greybriar@Greybriar" and ask people to join it.

    That's how crossevents@faeblight started.
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    So all shards are now lumped together in chat - regardless of the chat channel? I know I don't like so much chatter and miss being able to just hang and chat with the people I know from our shard - it was a community and a good size one - not too big and not too small.

    We all were on our specific shards for a reason - now it's just a big cluster. Having the crossevents channel is a good idea but just add that channel in - don't mess with how all the other channels were. It was nice being able to switch over to crossevents when wanting to find a group for something and then going back to your normal shard chat.

    But now, not having a shard only chat channel for people on that shard - well just makes me not really want to log in and see all the chaos / mess and try to sort through it. Among all the other recent changes, it definitely is making me not want to log in anymore. Very disappointed.

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    well, it's first step to merging all shards together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramcius View Post
    well, it's first step to merging all shards together
    Then they should just get on with it. I learned a new word today, a "meul" which turns out to be a misspelling of "mule". I don't understand the point of clogging up chat with people who cannot trade with me nor I with them. I have no mule. I do not want a mule. Mules belong to miners, not in Rfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethmar View Post
    Then they should just get on with it. I learned a new word today, a "meul" which turns out to be a misspelling of "mule". I don't understand the point of clogging up chat with people who cannot trade with me nor I with them. I have no mule. I do not want a mule. Mules belong to miners, not in Rfit.
    I think everyone who uses mules will still be using event and level chats to trade, as they did before. But unlike before, the trade chat that used to be one of the sources of shard trades, is now cluttered with tons of people who can't trade with you unless you mule (not to mention the spam).

    It might be somewhat okay with 65s and those who have been around for a long time, but it's a complete disaster for any new player. f2p players cannot use AH to sell stuff, they have no choice but to trade via trade chats, even if they don't get lost in all @shards and "why the hell there are players from other shards if I can't trade with them", they'd still have to babysit the channel if they want to sell anything, unlike "old" trade when you could just post the offer knowing that people will actually read it.

    Merging trade chats hurts f2p and new players, not to mention they're not the only people who don't have mules and don't want to be bothered with cross-shard trading. At least non-f2p players have a choice - AH and buy orders. For everyone else - forget what you wanted to do, stay in the city and do nothing but scroll up n down in a hope to sell some stuff.

    If shard merging or cross-shard trading are planned for later, it would be fine. But if not - srsly, really bad idea.
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    @ OP - Nice avatar.

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