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Thread: Change to stacking dungeon/wf charges is bad for patrons too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthritis View Post
    That's a much better idea than what they've done.

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    Non-Patron ppl are just not gonna bother with WF weeklies. PTW, IAs and event weeklies will be much much easier to complete. You don`t even get extra Favor for PvP weaklies. So... Yeah....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightwell View Post
    Well from a purely selfish point of view it probably means longer queues for me, since f2p players will most likely not want to do more than one dungeon or warfront a day, meaning less players queuing, ultimately meaning patrons may get fed up and quit, resulting in exactly the opposite of what Trion want (more revenue).
    People figured this would happen way before that patch hit.
    about as soon as it was announced.

    because it was ****ing obvious, so obvious that I honestly can't believe Trion missed it.

    Today I've had a 2 minutes queue already for WF, and it was not even late, it was prime time.

    I'll try again later and I wouldn't be surprised to get 5-10 minute queues because just about everyone who plays PVP will have done his 1 charge, so only a few hardcore ones will keep on queueing, and that,s not enough to have fast queues.

    I could get 15 seconds queues at freaking 3am before that update.
    Now I feel like 5-10 minute queues will be quite common.

    And pure PVP'ers (who don't do any pve at all) won't stand that for long, will quit, and as these are the only ones who will keep on queueing after their 1 charge... Well, you see where this is going.

    And (before the patch) if some casual played skipped 2-3 days for whatever reasons and came back, he would play 2, 3, 4 warfronts in a night ( well, 4, 6 or 8 actually, given that he only wins 50% of them ) to use his charges.
    Now after skipping 3 days he'll only have 1 charge so he'll only play 1 or 2 games, instead of 8.

    This update will drastically the daily player pool of people participating in pvp/dungeons, because they'll have less charge on average.

    This update **** on EVERYONE, patrons (less games popping for them), casual F2P (less charges if they skip a day) and hardcore F2P ( longer queues )

    And of course, as people are quitting over that update ( among other updates, seems to be a trend in the last 2-3 updates, wonder why... ), it means even less games that what 'just this fix' would've done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post
    A credit stipend seems to be the industry standard for subscribers to f2p games. I agree, I don't see how it's possible that Trion has bumped into insurmountable legal and accounting barriers that don't exist for other game companies.

    If you follow Netflix, they put a heck of a lot more work into their service in an effort to be accessible to the most people possible, pretty much the exact opposite of what we've seen unfold here.
    I love Netflix, unlimited access for only like 9.00/month. No restrictions. No stacking crap. Full ACCESS, no locked boxes, no requirement to dump money into a store to progress, FULL ACCESS to ALL libraries of movies...

    Man, Trion could take a page from their book!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefelia View Post
    Patron status is a mere $15/month. If you can not afford that, than you may have bigger problems on your plate than whether or not your dungeon/warfront charges stack up.
    To me it isn't necessarily about affordability, it is more about whether or not I should invest ANY money
    into a game that becomes less and less enjoyable with every update.

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    In a typical week I tend to do:

    PTW Weeklies Wed morning.
    CQ Win (Can usually get a a group at some point)
    Don't bother with CQ kills cause that takes forever
    WF's I will queue for specific ones until weekly is done
    Random the rest of WF's and specific queue until kills are done.
    Random dungeons every now and then and sometimes a full spam of charges. Since I don't need anything and really the rewards for F2P are small and imo not worth it unless gearing up.
    ZE's through out the week and sometimes the SoL.
    All that in conjunction to raiding.

    That's a fair amount of time.
    I can tell you that I will NOT do the WF weekly now at all or minimally because I do not want to random every damn WF. I do not want to risk getting into Bronze Tomb or Blighted Anti chamber every queue. They suck.. BT more so.
    Dungeons.. why do them at all now. The only reason I can see if to help guildies gear up alts potentially but even then it's easier to carry in a raid.

    So there you go, confirmed, one less player in NTE's and WF's. GG. Take away my fun and the way I like to play. Thx. Thx a lot.

    Least you guys saved me some time during the week now to go outside or explore another game and potentially lose a loyal Rift fan and player.

    End rant.
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