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Thread: Thank Devs for a good community strenghtening event!

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    Oct 2013

    Default Thank Devs for a good community strenghtening event!

    From the grave come the ghost player!

    Thank for a good extra life event and for a funny corgie parade! That the kind of simple event that make us feel our devs are here for us and strenghten the community!

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    Soulwalker DocFate's Avatar
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    Jul 2013


    The Corgi Run from Sanctum was lovely and I got to see a part of the Rift scenery I had never seen before

    Thank you "Darkmoon" and the rest of the Trion Team for making this event successful!

    "One thing I've learned from centuries of combat is that no matter how thoroughly you think you exterminate the evil, it comes creeping back like a cockroach."

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    Darkmoon's fanclub

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