i have 2 ideas i want to run past you guys.

1)xp leveling past 65. this is mainly for world pve. after level 65 let xp be used to buy upgrade items (including event gear upgrades out of season) or when your xp bar is full just let you pic 1 upgrade item from a list. this would make it feel like your still leveling even though your maxed out.

2)a pvp healing debuff that will stop a % of healing every times your healed for your full hp. ex. say it's set a 5% per so it starts at 0% and if your healed for your max hp it will block 5% incoming healing untill your healed for your max hp again then it blocks 10% and so on untill it blocks 100% and then would reset to 0% when you rez. this would stop people from never dying in pvp.