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Thread: Soulbound items

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    Default Soulbound items

    I really don't understand why, if Trion gets there take, why are items made soulbound. This is especially disconcerting when, as a guild owner, I want to award members with gifts for performing tasks for the guild. No one likes to hand someone a cake, then tells them to put their own candles in it and light them. I'm guessing all of the "designers" or whatever they want to call themselves these days, had to assemble their own bikes for Christmas.
    There is no justification anyone can argue for preventing any item to be sold or given to another player. It is after all, my money, my guild, my guild members, and this game is marketed in the USA. This is childish behavior on the part of Trion.
    I could actually post something else, however, I'll take the higher road and refrain.
    I simply wish Trion to reverse their decisions to lock down modified gear and allow it to be transferred from one player to another. As I stated in the beginning, so long as Trion gets their money for the manufacture of an item, why would they care.

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    If it wassnt for soulbound items/gear, raiding guilds would be filthy rich, selling all the raid items they dont need.
    Items are either soulbound or not, this has alot to do with the economy of the game, and im sure Trion does alot of investigation, making sure items can be either soulbound or not.

    I understand what your saying tho, sometimes it can be frustrating to have certain items that are soul/account bound, but i wouldnt vote for "all items are now sellable"

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    Despite whatever bias the OP has, some games have integrity, and Rift is one of them. I'm going to jump on the assumption bandwagon and assume that this is the OP's first experience with a game of this genre. Part of that integrity thing includes people actually having to play a bit and earn things for themselves, instead of, say, their GM handing them fully enchanted super gear.

    You don't want to insult Trion for having integrity. You want to be glad.

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    This is especially disconcerting when, as a guild owner, I want to award members with gifts for performing tasks for the guild.
    Gift them items from the Rift Store. That's what the feature is intended for...

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