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Thread: Primalist inspiring race compromise

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    Quote Originally Posted by FateStayNight View Post
    Trion owns Rift lore. Rift isn't some huge *** IP like Starwars or Warcraft whereas any new element that affects lore has to go thru Board of Super Executives, lawyers and the original author. Trion can literally do w/e they see fit.

    See we have characters from different planes... we have dragon that looks like octopus, and we have dragons that went from biological to biomechanical, a monster that's as big as a city, a mech that's so big that you ever only see his face... if Trion wants to they can make "Mechanical Greenscale" or make Ninja Volan they can do exactly that.
    Look 2 posts above yours at my post that followed, I explained my reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islesi View Post
    It's a money/resources bottleneck, not a lore bottleneck.]
    Despite the money and resources it cost Trion to make a new class here we sit. I think new races could generate as much buzz and money as new classes so I feel as though that, while relevant, is outdated.

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    you guys really don't understand what you're asking for. if you got a new race, it would just be a reskin of a current model. an entirely new, possibly non-humanoid race from the ground up with a different size/model/animations/whatever else would require a rework of nearly every single piece of wardrobe gear in the entire game, which will probably never happen.

    this is a team small enough that it can't pool together enough resources to work on/fix bugs for current callings while designing a new calling, what makes you think they can dedicate a few artists to a project like this for however long it would take?

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