So I had an idea for a possible PvEvP or Pvx dungeon, and i figured i would post said idea to get feedback.

2 teams of 10 players would be led to the the plane of earth by a general of that faction, looking for an artifact that would help in the fight against the planes(or whomever we are fighting at the time).

Both teams arrives in a large cavern and come under attack by the forces of the plane (they have wised up to sitting back and getting slaughtered).

Your general (defiant or guardian) advises you to build defensive structures to help battle the forces of the Plane. Various waves of trash mobs attack your base then you get a first boss. After the boss arrives your general announces that scouts have also reported that (the opposite faction) have also traveled to the plane of earth and are also after the artifact of awesome. This sets a new section of your base to be opened in 5 minutes so you better kill that boss efficiently.

After the 5 minutes weather the boss is down or not a path into your base opens and allows players from the other team to storm your base. Maybe the boss can drop an item to help fortify said entry point if downed fast enough.

At this point the squad needs to split into an attack force and a defense force. Defenders rebuilding turrets for base protection and killing players, then the other force goes down the "rabbit hole" and deals with the 2nd boss.

In a main chamber the main boss of the zone awaits but only the first team to down the second boss (or maybe breach that 3rd bosses chamber can kill him). However fear not as if you get locked out you can still storm the opposing factions base.

Final condition for winning would be killing the 3rd pve boss OR overtaking the opposing faction base AND killing their general.