Dear Devs,

I keep hearing that the Rift Mobile App will be getting some love "soon", that the Devs want to do some updates to it, but it never quite seems to get into the lineup.

I can understand the lack of progress, though I'm not happy with it. I love this app. And it can definitely use some improvements, like being able to check your mail, check your auctions (maybe even relist them), seeing when people are signing on and off, being able to determine who's on mobile from the chat screen... I get ahead of myself.

BUT... the app hasn't even been getting the usual love lately because guild rosters and the guild info on the Rift Mobile app haven't updated since April 12, 2015. It used to take a day or so, maybe even three before changes to the roster were seen.

I have one toon that I transferred to another server, and yet he is still listed as being on the server I transferred him from. I have a newly created toon that doesn't show on my list of characters to sign on.

May we please, please, please, please, get an update to the roster on the Mobile App at the very least? Pretty please? I'll even toss in a few chocolate bars.

I've seen a lot of people coming over from WoW, returning players to Rift, new players to Rift, it would be nice to have them able to join the Mobile App community.