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Thread: 2 FPS in Draumheim

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    Default 2 FPS in Draumheim

    I am having a peculiar bug when I log off of one character and log into another that happens to be in draumheim, specifically, margle palace. The problem is about ten days old. I have a system that runs Rift with no issue, even on the highest setting, but this issue persists, even if I change my graphics settings to the lowest. I can log a character out in draumheim, and before and during the log out, have 35+fps, and no graphics issues. I then log another character into draumheim and my fps drops to 2 to 4. The only fix is to close the game and restart, and then my FPS is 35+. The time of day or crowd does not seem to impact this problem. This also occurs if I am dumped into Draumheim after a warfront or dungeon. Upon restart there is no issue, but until restart the game is unplayable. I know that others in my guild have the same issue, but I have not seen or heard anything about a fix or even an acknowledgement that there is an issue. Does anyone have any information regarding this?

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    Yup, happens a lot. Especially when you leave a raid for the night and soul recall to Draumheim. End up gettin about 5fps, without streaming, no crazy graphic settings.

    This is not an issue with your computer.

    Easiest way to fix this issue, just relog, takes like 2 mins max, when you log in you will have "normal" fps.
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