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Thread: WARING! Never buy a Trion product.

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    Do you have 2 or more accounts and bought them on a different one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Greenthumb View Post
    Thumbs down WARING! Never buy a Trion product.

    Hey I have been playing on/off since open beta, and I just came back to the game after a long break. After getting into the game I discovered that the Storm Legion Souls were no longer unlocked on any of my characters, although I had bought them last time I played. I thought, well, that's just a bug, so I wrote to Trion to get some help, there answer: Prove it.
    Sadly since the move to the glyph system, most of my transaction history are gone, I can therefore not prove that I had them unlocked earlier.

    So for anyone new or old, if you don't like buying the same content several times, don't give Trion a nickel. They'll just remove your stuff from your account next time they change something. Very disappointing.

    Kind regards, A Disgruntled customer.
    This is why I save all of my email receipts, when I make a purchase from any online service, be it iTunes, an MMORPG, Steam, etc. They can't ignore your complaint when you come into the discussion with hard proof in your favor.

    That said, the Forums aren't really the appropriate place for this discussion, as Trion can't defend themselves, since they don't discuss account issues here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Greenthumb View Post
    ...most of my transaction history are gone, I can therefore not prove that I had them unlocked earlier...
    Hmm...seems like you're doing it wrong.

    Respawn, heal up, rebuff and try it again.

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    Are you sure you are looking in the correct area on the site? There are a few diff account areas. The support area, and then your actual rift account, and forum account.

    The main rift account will list any promo codes. I took a look at mine, and everything is listed there back to day one. Check your account history Here:

    If you are going to the correct spot, and still not seeing your purchase history maybe you are logging into an old alt account.

    Also as many have stated, you always get emails after making any purchase, check your spam folder if it's not in your main inbox.
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    Actually. I've honestly never thought about it. I had them as well before i left and came back to f2p. But i just repurchased them. Worth it. Trion needs the $$.

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    Happy customer here since 2011

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    Default this thread should be locked

    I have had issues with Rift in the past, and still do - mostly regarding network performance and over-the-top delusional fans, but not ever regarding the ethics of Trion Worlds as a company.

    In all likelihood, I suspect you were in some beta and lost the souls - as someone mentioned.

    With no receipts, no proof of purchase, I find you very hard to believe.
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    Hi everyone,

    We have closed this thread and would like to take a moment to explain why. We do welcome all feedback, even when it is negative or critical, but we do ask that it is respectful and constructive, please.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team.

    Thank you!

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