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Thread: rift on mac?

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    Default rift on mac?

    so does rift have a mac client...or anyone able to get rift to run on mac?

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    Rift doesn't have a mac client.

    People have gotten Rift to run on Wine but with a performance hit. If you want to run Rift on a Mac you should be using Boot Camp.

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    I thought of stealing my wifes MacBook pro while she was at work but damned if I know how to use a mac.. And she just might kill me if she found out.

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    You can use Crossover, but it isn't 64 bit yet, so performance won't be great. Here's the link in case you're interested: https://www.codeweavers.com/products/

    But I also would agree that it would be much better to just get windows and Boot Camp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artewig View Post
    You can use Crossover, but it isn't 64 bit yet, so performance won't be great.
    32 vs. 64bit has little to do with performance, Rift is only available in 32bit after all. If you compile wine in 64bit, it can only run 64bit windows binaries, so you always need the 32bit part for Rift.
    64bit wine/crossover for OS X is rather unlikely to happen btw, and if so, it will be a lot slower than 32bit because the OS X ABI is incompatible to win64, so it needs an extra emulation layer.

    Anyway, Rift should run pretty decently in current crossover versions. If the graphics drivers are any good, that is.

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