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Thread: What the moment is the "best" tank class to play in 5 man group (minus the new souls)

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    Between vk and rogue, which is more forgiving/ easier to play while leveling up, say level 21 and beyond?
    Don't level up as a tank. Level up as dps, switch to tank for dungeons and warfronts to practise but do yourself a favor and don't level up as a tank.

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    Been playing this game for awhile and have experience with all the classes. In terms of viability they are all good. But there is a clear loser and winner when it comes to fun factor. Cleric is the most boring tank in Rift while the others are much more fun to play. Warrior dps as tank is far beyond other tanks. RS is more mobile and fun to play but I would choose warrior because I like dps more than mobility which only benefits you but not the party or raid. Plus, once you outgear content you will be doing more dps than newbies as a tank in a hybrid tank spec .
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    Default Never ask the forums about what is "best"

    To the OP: Honestly the only way to figure out which spec you like the most is to just try them all, and their various hybrids. Asking the forums is just asking for trouble. You will get very different opinions from very different people. As long as you play the soul correctly you will do well, they are all viable options for 5-mans.

    But I'll add my favorites just for sh*ts and giggles.

    1. JUSTSENTBESTSENT, never rely on bad healers ever again! But beware, you have to be fairly well geared for this spec, I always keep my 61 Justicar build as a back up in case I do need a full healer.

    2. 61 Justicar This is a full guide and will cover just about anything you will ever need.

    3. 61 Riftstalker/7 Bladedancer/8 Bard, made this one myself. If you spread your points right you get Reprisal and Strike Back which both increase your DPS greatly without too much loss in overall survivability. Plus you get Side Steps, a pretty good "Oh sh*t!" button when being swarmed by mobs.

    4. 61 Riftstalker (Muspel's build)

    Then the standard Warrior builds
    5. 61 VK/15 Pally

    6. 61 Pally/15 VK

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