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Thread: whats the fastest way to level 63-65?

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    Default whats the fastest way to level 63-65?

    Hi I'm currently level 63 and I find that dungeons doesn't provide much exp so.. What is your opinion on the fastest way to level ?

    Best regards Alexessa

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    My opinion is if you play the game, get immersed in story, enjoy the quests rifts and whatnot, you level up to max before you realize you got past 50. I have 65, 64 and 58 and if anything it all felt too fast. I actually enjoy leveling more than endgame.

    Somehow I have a feeling that is not the kind of opinion you wanted to hear though.

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    Story quests and carnages along the way.
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    A healthy mix of story quests, carnages, and dailies makes it go fairly quick. Toss in a few dungeon runs to break it up a little bit and you'll be 65 in no time.
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    And then you're ready for CQ!
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    As allready mentioned, story quests and anything else that is on the way. Add patron bonus and a 160% XP boost to it, and you should be level 65 before the 2hrs potion runs out.
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    and thank you.

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    You may need more than one 160% pot to get 63-65. Three 160% pots plus patron took me 60-64.75, on my third character, doing only story quests (and loading up on carnages between, to turn in when I reapply a pot).
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    60Lvl in 3 days, 60-65 in 1,5 days with no patron and pots.

    Fastest way go throw story line and enter dungeons as more as u can. Dungeons give best exp at this lvl . make tank (fastest enter) or healer/support (a bit longer ques) and que for +60lvl dungeons

    Have fun
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    Story line quests (the main story) are the fastest way to level. When you get to the city part in Draumheim (spelling), skip that and i believe at level 63 you can go directly to tarken glacier and from there start the story quests in the ascent area.. Goes pretty fast and fun place.
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    The longer you can avoid tarken glacier the better.
    The quests give the same experience but take alot longer.
    The mob scaling just makes it take way too long, just try everything else first, THEN you do Tarken. The last part of Tarken is worst ever though, especially when you reach the Sharax giants part of it.
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