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    Exclamation ...

    4.1 hotfix 2: le problème n'a pas été traité, et est une source de nuisance majeure pour les joueurs.

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    german client: no single active upgrade is described..on no single item. there is only 0/20 but it does not tell us what the **** we should actually do!
    please fix this, its just so annoying to ask other players everytime so they can tell me what i need to do to upgrade my item.
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    Tiny issue: Localization

    Blackthorn Varnish = SchwarzdornLlack (should be: Schwarzdorn-Lack)

    Bigger issue, already exists for several years now, but no developer ever took it serious:

    The RIFT client inserts accents into the keyboard buffer while the UI gets refreshed, but only if the German locale is active and a physical keyboard is used to type.

    To re-enact this issue, you have to use a Windows installation where the German InputLocale is enabled, and you will probably also need a keyboard with German layout. With this setup, acute accents (´) are randomly inserted while some elements in the user interface get refreshed, e.g. after you teleported using the porticula network, or switched a shard, or call the /reloadui command. Sometimes it happens even unexpectedly, when buttons in your action bars flash up.

    The RIFT client will insert acute accents when updating the user interface finishes, not only inside the RIFT client, but Windows-wide (e.g. you enter a teleport, then immediately use the Alt+Tab appswitch, and start typing in another application, like this forum's post editor).

    It will not happen when you use a virtual keyboard (operated with the mouse or via touchscreen).

    It will not happen when you use the English InputLocale. It is related to some specific attributes of the German locale, I guess having the accent key for acute (and gravis with Shift) as a separate key, to the right of the Backspace, is part of the reason.

    I cannot count anymore how many times I reported this bug in game during the last years. A few forum posts got already closed, this recent one is still open.

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    Default Idependance Day Mount 2017

    Self explaning ...
    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-2017-06-30.jpg
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    Default Pyromancer soul translation issues

    the discription of the "legendary fussilade" misses an "erhöht" (inceased)
    right now its "Wirkt alle 0,5 Sekunden Feuerball auf das Ziel. Wirkt am Ende der Kanalisierung Fulminat auf das Ziel. Der Schaden von Zunderstoß wird passiv um 60%." --> Trandslates to "Passively the Damage of Cinderburst by 60%" --> means in German the Verb is missing.
    "Der Schaden von Zunderstoß wird passiv um 60% erhöht." would be correct.
    the discription of "legendary firestorm":
    it says "Im Zielbereich bricht eine Feuersbrunst aus, die 30 Sekunden lang jede Sekunde 5432 Feuerschaden verursacht. Im Zielbereich befindliche Feinde erleiden 30% mehr Schaden durch Feuerquellen. Primäre Blitze verursachen 10 Sekunden lang diese Schwächung bei betroffenen Zielen. Erzeugt jede Sekunde 6 Ladung."
    it should be "Erstblitze" instead of "Primäre Blitze" atleast Fireball and other Primary Bolt skills are called "Erstblitz" in german. that sentence now still does not sound good in german but it makes more sense.
    if you want it to sound good aswell maybe "Erstblitze wenden diese Schwächung für 10 Sekunden auf betroffene Ziele an." might be an better solution
    the discription of "legendary internalized charge"
    Erhöht den verursachten Schaden der nächsten 3 Schadensfähigkeiten mit Wirkzeit innerhalb von 30 Sekunden um 94%. Schadensfähigkeiten kosten keine Ladung, wenn sie aktiv sind. Legendäre Innere Ladung verbraucht beim Wirken keine Ladung."
    it should be "Während aktiv kosten Schadensfähigkeiten keine Ladung"
    or "Während Innere Ladung aktiv ist kosten Schadensfähigkeiten keine Ladung"
    the discription of "Spark":
    "Reduziert die globale Abklingzeit Eurer Feuerfähigkeiten ätherischen Fähigkeiten auf 1 Sekunde und die Manakosten eurer Sofortfeuerfähigkeiten um 30%"

    between Feuerfähigkeiten and ätherischen has to be an "und" (and)
    general for all mages: Lvl 61 Mastery "Overflowing Vitality"
    "Regeneriert im Kampf alle 3 Sekunden 25% Eurer Ausdauer" --> "while in combat, regenerates all 3 seconds 25% of your Endurance"
    i always thought it somehow should restore my endurance D:
    i never knew it should heal me till now, cause i stumbled over the english wording o.O (maybe i just misunderstood it just always? never understood it tho.) maybe you should tell players it regenerates HP depending on your endurance, while in english its clear cause it says "heal for 25% of your endurance"
    in german i never understood it is supposed to heal me.
    "Regeneriert im Kampf alle 3 Sekunden Gesundheit in Höhe von 25% Eurer Ausdauer"
    or "Heilt im Kampf alle 3 Sekunden für 25% Eurer Ausdauer" would sound better to me.
    but maybe i am the only one who never understood that?
    hope this is the right place to post this and sorry for this wall of text

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