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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynx3d View Post
    There's still some copy&paste errors in german translation for chronicle achievements:

    "Der Spuk von Hammerhall",
    "Albträume der Fee",
    "Träume der Toten",
    they all show as objective:
    "* Läutert die Finstere Präsenz von Experte: Fleisch-Archiv."

    Now obviously you have to kill the sinister presence in the respective intrepit chronicle, not archive of flesh, which is also correctly shown in the otherwise identical description text right above the objective bullet.


    I confirm there's a problem in German.

    The Experte: Fleisch-Archiv portion of what you're seeing will be adjusted for 3.3-11 to indicate these five distinct cases:
    • Chronik Furchtlos: Grünschuppes Pesthauch
    • Chronik Furchtlos: Der Seelenfluss
    • Chronik Furchtlos: Hammerhall
    • Chronik Ebenenbrecher: Nachspiel
    • Chronik Gambit der Königin

    For DE version players who read this and wonder which offerings are currently accurate, I can confirm these are in game now and can be trusted @ Läutert die Finstere Präsenz von...
    • Expertenmodus: Fleisch-Archiv (with -modus)
    • Expertenmodus: Empyreum-Kern
    • Expertenmodus: Exodus der Sturmkönigin
    • Expertenmodus: Golemgießerei
    • Expertenmodus: Reich der Verwirrenden Träume
    • Expertenmodus: Rückkehr nach Tiefschlag
    • Expertenmodus: Turm der Zerschmetterten
    • Expertenmodus: Unheilige Knochenschmiede
    • Expertenmodus: Sturmbrecher-Protokoll
    • Furchtlos: Grünschuppes Pesthauch
    • Furchtlos: Hammerhall
    • Furchtlos: Seelenfluss
    • Chronik Ein Held erhebt sich
    • Chronik Höllendämmerung: Laethys

    Don't hesitate to let us know if you continue to see anything wrong with this circa 3.3-11! Thank you.

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    Default Localization Error Strands of Arak GER

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    Default in UK,play N.A. shard

    i was playing on wolfbane , north american shard..from UK. never had issue before..now i get insta timed out trying to load glyph.. what gives? im on a Talk-Talk ISP, cable.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-glyph-error.jpg  

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    ....sorry, wrong thread...deleted and reposted elsewhere.
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    Hi there,
    It's not really a translation problem but I think it's relevent to the thread too.
    In the IA in Tarken (maybe in HK too) there is some lore (Mann or Ghar Console speaking) at the beggining and the end of every adventure. This lore is in english and we only have the sound (no text in the chatbox). It's quite hard to understand when you are not fluent in english because of all the others sounds (combats, music, etc..) that prevents you to focus on the words.
    Do you think we can have subtitles in the chat box like other PNJ for German and French versions?
    Thanks you!
    Moystia <L'Ordre Draconique> - Brisesol

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    Default Character extension

    i have bought a Character extension slot and the scroll dident go into my inventory nor my mail and yes it did charge my account

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    There are still some issues with the german localization.

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-loc8.jpg

    These are mobs from the Hammerknell IA (Schema der Tiefe, Runengelöstes Schema); they should both be named "Schemen" (i.e. "spectre"), and not "Schema" (i.e. "scheme").

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-loc9.jpg

    This is the dreamweaver material "Bewusste Träume" (plural), but the recipe on the store is named "Bewusster Traum" (singular). If you're searching the recipe merchant for the name of the material, you will not be able to find it.

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-loc10.jpg

    The miner material "Thalasit-Alptraumlegierung" still has an english tooltip.

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-loc11.jpg

    In the list of materials for the "Albtraum-Textilien-Sublimierer" the reference to the "Thalasit-Alptraumlegierung" shows the english name, and the english tooltip.

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-loc12.jpg

    The dreamweaver recipe for Strands of Draum shows the wrong recipe and product name "Gezeitenohrring der Schwarzwache", only the tooltip text is correct. When searching by name you will not find the strands in you dreamweaver window .
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    Fench localisation has same issues as the ones reported in German localisation (same items).

    For example, Strand of Araks are reported as "Compagnon cobra albinos".

    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-brins-darak.jpg
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    Post 3.4 Loc Patch Notes, Current Known Issues

    Hello everyone!

    3.4 localized patch notes are live in the Glyph patcher. On 9-October We made our self-imposed deadline of "Friday in Europe" with 23 minutes to spare. We are caught up with EN notes.
    3.4 hotfixes 1 & 2 notes are in the patcher at the top. Scroll down below that to find the primary 3.4 notes. There were many additions published on 9-Oct.

    Thanks everyone! Enjoy your time with 3.4!

    Localization Known Issues (updated 12-October)
    • DE+FR: Some recipe names & content still do not display the expected details in mouseover. We had it fixed once... and then we... didn't. If I see "Thalasite Alloy" in English for another dev cycle, I'll go crazy. I can only imagine how annoyed all of you must be by now. Sorry for the wait. We're gonna get it fixed! Until then, thank you to everyone who took time to provide full-size images and contact me in private messages. m(_._)m
    • DE+FR: Some Soul Tree description text overlaps. Example:
      Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-image-2.jpg
    • DE+FR: Also working on an official explanation about the English voiceover audio that doesn't have subtitles.

    Fixes have been submitted for the following issues (for 15-October Europe release)
    • DE+FR: English text strings added immediately after 3.4, on 7-Oct and 8-Oct, do not display in the localized versions, or display in English in the localized versions. Notable among these missing strings are:
      ※Planar Attunement GUI node text for Sword Mastery @Schwertbeherrschung / Maîtrise des épées.
      ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Desolate gear @Zurückgelassener ~ / ~ de la désolation.
      ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Dragon Slayer's gear @~ des Drachentöters / ~ de Tueur de dragons.
      ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Rift Walker's gear @Widerstandsfähige ~ / ~ d'arpenteur des Failles.
    • DE+FR: Translation for a Vulcanist Soul's talent is displaying very useless temporary text.
    • DE: Replacement of Schema with Schemen in Schema der Tiefe, Runengelöstes Schema.
    • DE: Bewusster Traum mismatch with Bewusste Träume.
    Last edited by Explikor; 10-12-2015 at 09:41 PM. Reason: Updated issues list. Updated the list of fixes applied. Restructured post for quicker reference.

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    Post Reminder: RIFT videos on YouTube have localized captions

    Many Trion Worlds trailers and sizzle videos contain English voiceover. When that's the case and if we can't produce localized voiceover for the video, we always add localized captions in YouTube.

    Captions language selection is this icon:
    Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-subtitles.jpg

    Try it out on the 3.4 Trailer here

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    Default New Localization Error Strands of Arak GER

    http://forums.riftgame.com/newattach...manager&values[t]=451486&contenttypeid=1&poststarttime=1444502314&p osthash=5fd2715459c2ce733c786367c40c2dc7&insertinl ine=1

    Edit 22.10.2015: is now correctly specified
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Probleme DE-Version / Problèmes version FR-str-nge-von-arak_b.jpg  
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    Post Current Known Issues, 3.4-4 Loc Patch Notes


    This week it seems very unlikely we'll be able to translate the English 3.4-4 hotfix patch notes before the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience but please check in the patcher early next week for the hotfix community notes in your language.

    Localization Known Issues (updated 21-October)
    • DE+FR: Blackguard's Tidal Earring (Gezeitenohrring der Schwarzwache / Boucle d'oreille des marées du garde noir) and Albino Cobra Companion (Weggefährte Albino-Kobra / Compagnon Cobra albinos) are now the final two unconfirmed fixes/issues in the recipe madness, unless you the community say otherwise!
    • DE+FR: Some Soul Tree description text overlaps. Example:
      Attachment 26045
      (This is considered a bug, whereas the loc text crowding due to UI layout, such as in the Store, is considered imperfect design, though we are following up on that too.)
    • DE+FR: Also working on an official explanation about the English voiceover audio that doesn't have subtitles.
    • DE+FR: In wardrobe and inventory the English name "Frightwing Shield" may display in the loc versions. Intended: Schreckensschwingen-Schild / Bouclier effraile
    • DE+FR: The 3.4 Planetouched Wilds storyline contains a written message that displays in English in the loc versions. "Usukhel go find Beautiful Man. Usukhel be back later. -Usukhel." Intended: Usukhel sucht "Schönen Mann". Usukhel bald zurück. - Usukhel / Usukhel aller voir homme beau. Usukhel revenir plus ****. - Usukhel

    Fixes have been submitted for the following known issues (for 22-October release)
    • Primalist talent tree missing text.
    • Stränge von Arak / Brins d'Arak.
    • Stränge von Draum / Brins de Draum.
    • Schwerwasseressenz / Essence d'eau lourde.
    • Verbesserte Flammende Rune des Arkanisten / Rune flamboyante de l'arcaniste améliorée.
    • Verbesserte Abscheuliche Rune des Blutdürstigen / Rune odieuse du buveur de sang améliorée.
    • Verbesserte Geladene Rune des Zerstörers / Rune chargée du destructeur améliorée.
    • Verbesserte Feenberührte Rune des Ketzers / Rune marquée par les fées de l'hérétique améliorée.
    • Verbesserte Tellurische Rune der Verteidigung / Rune tellurique de Défense améliorée.
    • Von den Bergarbeitern hoch veredelte Legierung. Zur Verwendung mit Sublimierer-Anleitungen der höheren Stufen. / Alliage très raffiné créé par les mineurs. Utilisé dans les recettes de modificateur de haut niveau.
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    Après avoir lu la discussion en entier, il ressort que de la 3.1 à la 3.4, absolument rien concernant le son n'a été traduit.
    Vu comme ça hérisse le poil des francophones, est-ce une manière de se débarrasser de Brisesol ?

    Plus sérieusement, quand ces traductions seront-elles disponibles ?

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    Angry Il n'existe qu'une seule langue au regard de Trion...

    J'ai reçu un message dans ma boite de réception, que je vous partage ici:


    I just wanted you to have clear information regarding this:

    >> Plus sérieusement, quand ces traductions seront-elles disponibles ?

    1) We do not currently plan to resume localizing the voiceover audio for story, bosses, or general NPCs (PNJ) as we used to do before 3.0/Nightmare Tide. This decision applies to French, German, or Russian.

    2) This year the development team implemented some Instant Adventure content (Aventures instantanées) with English "flavor" voiceover but without subtitles. ("Flavor" = does not impact gameplay mechanics, for example, background lore.) In fact, that particular Instant Adventure content does not have subtitles in English, either.

    I play localized versions of video games and I understand the frustration about this handling of the voiceover audio. The development team knows these were not popular decisions but were important for us to continue releasing core game content as quickly as possible.

    If anything changes regarding these two decisions, we'll mention it on the forums or community blog.

    Thank you--

    scottg on the localization team

    Plusieurs choses sont à noter:

    - l'équipe de Trion répond à des questions importantes par mp. Niveau communication, j'ai vu mieux.

    - La décision a été prise de ne plus traduire autre chose que de l'écrit. Et encore: ça n'est pas fait pour les nouvelles aventures instantanées.

    - De fait, Trion enterre la diversité culturelle de l'Europe, nous imposant à tous l'Anglais comme langue unique. A titre personnel, je suis bilingue (ou presque); néanmoins pour nombre d'entre nous, ce n'est pas, et ne sera pas (à vrai dire, jamais) le cas.
    De quelle manière comptez-vous pousser ces joueurs vers la sortie ?

    Ce qui n'était qu'ironique dans mon message précédent est, en fait, une réalité. Elle est d'ailleurs palpable sur la réduction de voilure faite depuis des mois: arrêt du fonctionnement des forum non-anglophones officiels, arrêt des traductions sur l'audio, arrêt des traductions tout court.
    Je rappelle donc au passage que de ce point de vue, les prix ont augmenté (voir http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ate-3-4-a.html ), et la qualité diminue sévèrement.

    Je repose ma question dans ces termes: quand comptez-vous vous débarrasser (le terme est juste) des communautés et serveurs non-anglophones ?

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    Post What to expect from this thread

    Hello, everyone--

    This thread was created to identify and address localization bugs.

    Prior to Heliodromus' first post about voiceover audio having only localized subtitles, I had already provided the official status: it's not a bug, though all of us here agree it's not ideal. Because it's not a bug, it's not so good for discussion on this thread.

    This thread was meant for you to inform the localization team about issues that block your gameplay. Instant Adventure flavor voiceover that lacks subtitles is a bummer for some players. I wholeheartedly empathize. But you can play and finish the content, so it's not a gameplay-blocking issue, and therefore I politely request that you don't use this thread as a place to repost multiple times about it.

    I respect when a player takes time to post here so I wanted Heliodromus to get clarification that may have been overlooked in my English posts. I used private messaging to contact him/her, and previously other forum users on this thread, and I'll continue to do so, because I want to maintain this thread's space as a home for new info on bugs. Not for reposting established issues that don't have a new status update.

    It's natural for customers to use any channel of communication available to voice feedback to a company, whether or not that channel was designated for that purpose. However, I would super-appreciate it if everyone would please refrain from posting on this thread about pricing, regional servers, community manager support, card billing, Glyph timeout errors... I can't help you with those but I will try to help you to target or to record those comments elsewhere. I'm not saying you'll get what you want, but I can promise you'll be heard better than if you were to continue posting about it in this bug report thread.

    To keep this as a home for bug reporting only, I'll see what I can do to present persistent links and a short 4-language FAQ post specific to loc issues, so that visitors can catch up on issue status more easily without posting here to ask.

    I'll work on that and present it here later this month. Let's say, before American Thanksgiving weekend, a.k.a. the strange phenomenon of Black Friday that your country's retail stores have curiously adopted, a.k.a. after your fingers have begun to bleed due to frenetic November video gaming.

    Thanks a lot,
    scottg in Loc

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