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Thread: SO.. I thought I would come back and try out nightmare tide

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    Default SO.. I thought I would come back and try out nightmare tide

    downloading downloading downloading....

    ok good to go, head to the plane of water and start questing. One of the very first pieces of gear my character gets is a level 59 shoulders that I can't even equip until I either spend money or grind 100k stones.

    a quest reward...
    a level 59 green quest reward... I can spend money or grind for a few weeks to use a leveling green

    yeah uhm.. How bout NO Trion

    if that is the sort of thing I have to look forward to my journey into nightmare tide has already ended.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frailaq View Post

    tl;dr - Trion should do this: Melee = Turret Ranged > Mobile Ranged

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    Default :(

    Someone is unhappy Help them out Trion. Explain how this is a good thing

    Wait a sec I actually agree with him

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    This is just a reminder that there is a shop in the game, where you can support Trion and help them to pay their bills. It was the best business model they could think of, so maybe they really need your support.
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