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Thread: I have returned

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    Default I have returned

    Yeah, as always a catchy sounding title ;)

    Anyhow, I haven't been round ever since the Argent fiasco. That's what drove me away in the first place. Those two mega servers(well they were of mega size -which ones were they Icewatch and...?) closed, daglar reccd Argent as a server they should go to and everything went south. The atmosphere, the style of play, eventually even the pop(after the 2 new servers opened iirc). Argent, a tragedy in three acts. Well, it was too beautiful to last, I'll admit.

    Anyhow, where have the people from Argent gone to? Preferable to that is that I find an EU server with Argent-like atmosphere. What does that entail? Med-small pop(I HATE large servers where Rift mobs one-two shot you >.< ). Friendly players instead of crazy XBLA/MOBA like cutthroat dog eat dog atmosphere. Maturity. RP is a plus, but not necessary(I RP internally anyhow, so...).

    This is my Main question. I'll post others where their place(s) is(are)...

    (Million question guy is back with his O.o ideas)

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    I don't know you and I don't play on EU but welcome back

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    Argent merged to Zaviel, which is beyond quiet right now. Right now, the game is in a lull, but you have a lot of catching up to do. Rift 3.0 releases in a few weeks, but you still have to get chars to level 60, and do all the Storm Legion content, all 9 zones of it, plus massive gear changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulthran View Post
    <snip>(I RP internally anyhow, so...)
    Gee, I thought I was the only one who does that!

    I made a couple of toons on Zaviel the other day during the NA shards being offline due to DDOS. Seems like a nice quiet place to play.
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