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Thread: Hunt rift question

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    Default Hunt rift question

    I ran into what I believe was a hunt rift already open, in Eastern Holdings. Cleared the initial mobs, fixed the machine and a torvan technition (think thats what it was) poped up and together we defended the machine. Everything worked out great then all of a sudden a herald poped up and ate me for dinner. I have no chance of killing this thing and Im sure it would take 2-3 players including a healer to kill it. I was under the impression the basic hunt rifts were supposed to be solo quests. I tried googling the heralds name and the quest itself but found no information on it. If someone can fill me in on what Im missing or doing wrong please let me know.

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    If I remember correctly, a Herald will pop up from a Hunt Rift if even a single player has the quest from the Torvan questline that requires to kill it. It's a group quest I think. Can't look it up now, but I will later

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    Hunt rifts are soloable. However, if you are at the same level as the rift, without really good tactics or survivability, the Herald will stomp you hard. They are 200K boss mobs. I would generally avoid them unless you have a party of people with you, if you are the same level as the zone.
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    1. Were you in a proper spec?
    2. Did you remember to kill the other planar mobs first?
    3. Did you use Fury of the ascended?
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    Hunt rifts are soloable. If you are the same level as the rift, its easier with a healer or support present, but my mage, rogue, and cleric can all solo hunt rifts. Warrior is still 20ish since I more or less quit until I see some positive in the game.

    How hunt rifts work:
    -Kill initial mobs
    -Charge up turrets/source thingy, defend
    -More mobs pop up, and within a few seconds, the herald. After defense phase is over, move away from the rift's center. Kill the mobs that pop up by skirting around the edges, don't aggro the herald. It is very important to not have mobs around the herald, they provide shielding.
    -Work on herald, he goes inactive at 50% health
    -Once defense phase over, repeat the earlier step. Some heralds will aggro at this phase even if you're not in aggro range (Jupilos is one of these, and something that starts with an H.. they both jump around a lot and teleport around you)
    -I'd highly recommend something with some healing in your solo build to make it easier. 8 chloro is you're a mage, 4-8 some points in puri or sentinel if you're a cleric, I can't think of a good free to play option for rogues - I use 4 tact but its a purchased soul. No advice on warrior, don't know the builds.
    -And yes, Fury of the Ascended is good too
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