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Thread: Mathosian changes in 3.0?

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    Default Mathosian changes in 3.0?

    Are there many changes coming to the old world 1-50 zones in mathosia? Simple stuff such as a map cleanup (fill in the grey bordered edge with a texture for example), and possibly making "Cliffside Vale/Planetouched Wilds" able to be explored, even if it is empty of initial content until a purpose can be implemented for it in the 3.0 - 4.0 dev timeline?

    It would be nice just to see the final bit of spit and polish go into Mathosia. Also, a possible "make useful" for Ember Isle would be nice. Right now it serves as nothing more than an extraneous exploration zone after level 50.

    In addition to this, I would hope we will see a cleanup and update of the capital city vendors, especially the old relics vendors.
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