A few days ago I found a charge on my bank record showing $39.91 from PayPal for Trion Patron subscription.

I contacted Live chat and they told me it was not correct and they did not authorize it.

I called bank again today after giving it a few days to clear up and it was still there [the charge].

I tryed to contact Trion Live Chat and can not due to the requirement error showing I needed to have made a purchase or be a patron. I have been patron for years and I then made both 2 ingame purchases for items with credits AND made a cash purchase fpor credits and still could/can not use live chat.

I also did the required cookie clearing and cache clearing for Firefox and still can not use live chat.

I also had an ingame issue where i runebroke the wrong sigil and have not heard from support on that as well..

This sort of service coincides with the implementation of Glyph as I had similar ingame issue a month or so back and got great service.

Any suggestions for help?

I have one: Have an ingame GM who can help over-ride the live chat responce and allow a patron to contact them.