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Thread: what is wrong with this company?

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    Default what is wrong with this company?

    I got robbed and try and get to live support and get this message.
    You must have a recent purchase or Patron pass to access Live Chat. Please click the Request Email Response button below. Well I have many recent purchases and that was my money being stolen from me. This is total bs costumer support! Oh but they will get back to me within 72 hours via email. I have a friend that emailed them 2 weeks ago with no response yet.

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    E-mail support@trionworlds.com as Hummingbird (and others) have suggested.

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    the Live Chat is for active Patrons(subscribers only) there has been a recent push to hack into Rift accounts recently using passwords found in data dumps. Trion is implementing additional security for this.

    You'll notice quite a few threads in the forums on this. Also due to this there is a back log in Customer service.

    Steps you should probably take

    1)Log into the Glyph account and remove your credit card data

    2)Contact your Bank \Credit card and report the charges as fraudulent and ask them to block the card and send you a new one. (depending on your bank this is 3-10 days)

    3) Stop using the same password on multiple sites\games. Particularly ones you have CC information included.

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