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Thread: Happy with changes to Rift

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    Default Happy with changes to Rift

    Off topic - but on topic...

    I played day one.
    Bought a boxed special edition.

    Stayed for 3 months, and left.

    While content difficulty is one of the things I loved, and soul crafting was so versatile, it was my realization that the community at large - at that time - couldn't grasp it fast enough for my liking. After putting forth the effort to gear up and spec correctly, most people didn't and dungeons were largely unplayable because of the community, not the game. (at that time) You had to be in a tight knit guild to see any progression even at low levels, and unless you joined with one, what was the likelyhood of that...

    Also, there were a few fumbles from Trion. 2 Coin Lock drills, just for the hell of showing the community they could? Apparently alot of people were getting hacked by using their account info on other sites (LOFL) and something drastic had to be done, but that wasn't it. Was a royal pain, logging in and receiving a tutorial on how to uncoinlock our accounts...

    But as a developer, you can't make everyone happy; right?

    So in 2011 I left.

    I recently restarted.

    Have to say, the free-to-play model was executed very well. Possibly the best f2p MMO right now (is Rift). While the nerfs to low level content are a shame, it wasn't heavy handed - as other developers have now killed their MMO's with nerfs - and it's more than playable, it's enjoyable. I'm happy to see that most endgame content wasn't nerfed so much.

    Always loved the idea of elemental rifts opening, love the game, and I'm glad I gave Rift a second shot.

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    I too am happy with the changes. I played beta and launch myself. It took about 5 months though before I capped out on content and moved on. I was (am) in a tight-knit guild so groups and raids were not much of a problem. There just was not enough end game content at the time and fluff was almost nonexistent in the game at the time. Now we have content and fluff overload which is great! I have been back a year and do not see myself moving on anytime soon (I will still pop into ArcheAge from time to time - alpha is awesome so far).
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    I like the changes and even when things got dull, I found things I wanted to accomplish besides my guild's raid schedule.

    Now more graphical improvements/optimizations and I think I can remain a patron for possibly another year.

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    they need to do away with the FOTM. ArcheAge awesome? lol. Beginning only... over the time, it too will be in the rift's stage.

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