With all the competitions for REX going on, I feel like I wanna join the fun.

I personally don't want anything back from this, but I would love to see people running about collecting random stuff for my amusement. So I intend to promote a scavenger hunt that will require people to visit as much of the game as my imagination can work out to bring a variety of drops of varying rarity (nothing too rare I hope) to show how they have 'been there, done that'

I was thinking of rewarding a few REX to the first people to return the items to me but as I intend to make this a fairly arduous task I was hoping to get a few ideas of the rewards or the type of thing that could be required for this simple 'competition'

I don't intend to keep anything I ask people to bring or require any entry fee.. It is 100% entertainment value for myself..

Any ideas lads and lady's?