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    Default FaYule Feasting achievements bugged

    I just got the notification in chat after I ate the last of the Fae Yule foods that I got that achievement, however, it does not show up in the Achievement window. This is the second character I have had this happen to, and several of my guild mates also complained about this.

    Please fix this thing. Does not seem to matter how much of this stuff you eat, nor does it seem to matter if you repeat eating all the fare offered, the achievement never completes.

    FaYule Feasting achievements bugged-yule-feasting.jpg

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    Did you eat the Ham offered from the holiday vendor?

    The bug is a display issue, not a functionality one.

    The display issue should be fixed this coming Wednesday.
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    Eat one of all 7 foods. you will get 2 achievements. If you don't get them in the jingling bell.... buy them from the Rift Store.

    Yep, it's a display bug.... but you can figure it out.

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