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Thread: 2.3 Hotfix comment/suggestion

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    Default 2.3 Hotfix comment/suggestion

    "The Bounding Devourer and Shaper Beast mounts now have a chance to be unmounted on damage."

    I bought one of these mounts a few weeks ago and wondered why I've never been unmounted.
    That said, why is this a bad thing? This would be a great bonus to everybody. It should get the same fate as fall damage.

    Pro/Con? No need for the Pro's but what would be the Con's? I can't think of any.

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    I've had a shaper beast on my mage since Rift went F2P, I often get dismounted on it in both PvP and PvE.

    I had no idea there was ever such a bug, as I frequently get dismounted, and frequently dismount others using these mounts.

    There's occasionally a time when someone can take a rather large amount of damage without getting dismounted, but that happens with all mounts, and I assumed was a RNG factor, for instance it happens quite often on my rogue who uses a Hellbug, he'll go from 100% HP to 50% HP, without being dismounted.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho
    Also nerf bards.

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    Very annoying getting unmounted all the time. Honestly if I'm running through some baddies or running away from some baddies there's NO way I'm getting knocked off unless I'm dead lol. I think it would be a nice bug to keep around too .

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    Default Dismounting riders and NPC levels

    I could understand it somewhat if the NPC's that dismount me were even close to my level. I took my level 45 warrior out to work on his mining skills. I was riding through a zone where a treant took a swipe at me and knocked me off my mount. I was some 20+ levels higher. He shouldn't have even been able to hit me yet here I was running through the zone. It just made no sense. I could understand a dismount being possible if the attacker is <5 levels below your character. Otherwise it should just be a swing and a miss.

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