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Thread: A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT

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    Default A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT

    With all the lag today, and a newly discovered "bug" I decided to start this thread mainly for the lulz and to pass time. So let's post stories/screenshots of some of the fun glitches/bugs we've encountered over our time playing rift.

    1. I found a secret passage in iron pine peak where they turn people into werewolves before I fell through the world.

    2. I found another secret passage in library of the runemasters. It was behind the guardian bookcase. (I reported this more than once, and it's been fixed for every high level arena, but it's still a viable bug in the lower level arenas.)

    3. Can you spot the ability that shouldn't be there?

    4. I found another secret passage, I don't think the boss was too happy that he couldn't beat me up like the rest of my group.

    5. I'm pretty sure the doctor had a name change as soon as he saw me. He was probably scared.

    6. I found this one today and, it is the only one I have yet to report. It's a secret area in the rift store. The key to finding this hidden area is hitting loyalty, home twice and then services twice. It should make the rift store laggy and show this random assortment of items.
    Note: this one requires high latency.

    So RIFT community, what are some of the better bugs/glitches you've found?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2012-10-10_193850.jpg   A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2012-09-26_150605.jpg   A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2012-12-15_224634.jpg   A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2013-03-02_120131.jpg   A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2013-04-16_211237.jpg  

    A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-2013-08-27_231421.jpg  
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    Well I don't really have screenshots...but here's some videos. Turn them to 1080p for better quality.

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    Default more glitch


    additional information:
    as soon as i respawned, I landed in quicksilver college and literally every texture that was just smoke and mirrors literally disappeared.

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    I've actually had some fun over the years with these.

    This one wasn't really a glitch but you could make as many Rhinos as you wanted with this old daily quest.


    Some very strong winds in my old dimension


    Epilepsy warning on this one. This is after they added crossfire support.


    And here I was playing with Opie's jump ability and ended up under Tempest Bay.

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    A tribute to the fun/strange glitches of RIFT-legion-anal.jpg

    we all knew they were a bit OCD

    the places we found on Prime that we cannot reach in Live

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