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Thread: I know ppl here dont want to hear this, but Rift needs a WoW Graphics mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by tro44 View Post
    Sony owns the PS4! they know what will run on their system. Clearly they knew what the specs of the PS4 were going to be long before any of us did. You think they wasnt also shopping those specs to Zeni. When has Sony or MS not done that for a AAA third party?

    Sony makes great games. Just look at the PS3 lineup. Planetside 2 is clearly a huge example of Sony using its PC market as a testing ground for their true hidden goal of moving the MMO market to the Console market.

    Thats been their trend.
    SoE,Zeni are both pushing this. Even CCP tried but they had bad designs from the start, unlike SoE and Zeni, who had the PS4/Bone hardware specs in mind from the start.
    So Planetside 2's crushing failure was a successful push into the console market with a PC game. Gotcha.

    Please just stop tro, please, I am begging you, this is getting ridiculous.

    Also, Rift already has a low render option, so your OP makes absolutely no sense. Get a better computer or go play WoW if you want rainbow poop smeared across 4 polygons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeonblade View Post
    go play WoW if you want rainbow poop smeared across 4 polygons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceboots View Post
    low render still not enough?

    If your PC is so old/bad that you can't play Rift on it (I mean come on, you can spend $900 and get a TOTALLY NEW PC, including OS, keyboard, mouse, and 21" monitor and play it on ultimate settings), maybe you should reevaluate your life so you can afford to own a 5 year old machine that you can get off eBay or Craigslist for $250.

    I mean seriously, I have an Intel Q6600 based system that came out in 2007 with 3GB of DDR RAM (not DDR2 or DDR3) and an AMD 3870 video card (that is 4 generations old) that can still play Rift on MEDIUM settings.

    If you can't afford a 6+ year old system that I can't even unload for $250, maybe you really should stop wasting time playing video games and get a second (or BETTER) job and earn some real money so you can buy a piece of junk $250 computer to play Rift on.
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    To anyone claiming they missed tro44, are you mentally challenged?

    That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
    Promising preview! The less Rift conforms with the preferences of someone who still plays VG, the better for the vast majority of potential customers out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenoheart View Post
    Omg I haven't seen a post from you in forever. I missed your signatures and avatar. Lol

    Serious note: I'm hoping 2.4 brings some of the optimization stuff they have talked about. These flickering rocks and trees are out of hand lately.
    This x1,000. Really getting tired of chugging along and slamming into a invisible wall, which turns out to be a entire flickering mountain.
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