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Thread: Any RIFT.CFG Tweaks to increase quality even further?

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    Default OP may not be lying...

    The OP may not be lying or exaggerating.

    The question of screen resolution hasn't come up.

    I run X-Fire 7970's and i have worked hard to optimize my system in many ways.

    I although i agree with many of you that 60 FPS constantly during large world boss events is high unlikely. Perhaps he is playing at 720P or the standard 1080P resolution.

    I play at 3240x1920 rez and even with two 7970's i cruise around 30+ FPS in raids.

    But with only 1 screen (ie. 1920x1080) he is probably near (like 50+) FPS even during tough events.
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    Default Lies? oh yes.

    Screen resolution you say? i tried 800X600 (from 1920X1080) thats the lowest possible, maybe 1-2 fps gain in Tempest Bay.

    This game is a farce regarding performance.

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